Pending purchase - wont go away (cant buy anything)

I decided to stop a purchase was about to make about two weeks ago. I went as far as I should pay via Paypal. But i never bought the item. Now I cant buy anyhing cause im getting the message that a purchase is pending.

Cant find a solution. Please let me know what to do. =)

Contact Zendesk and they should be able to clear the pending queue.

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same thing happen to me. My solution was log out of the game and restart and don"t sign in as a adminastrator just open. I was able to buy things then. hopefully it works for you.

How to get rid of the error messages “Purchase pending” and “Purchase failed” on a Windows 10|11 device – Microsoft Flight Simulator Support (

I contacted the support as you told me, and they fixed immediately! =)

Thanks @Hester40MT

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