Performance after Ram upgrade

Since day 1 of MSFS 2020 I have been running with a Ryzen 3700X, 2070 Super, 16GB of DDR4 3200MHz Ram and from an NVME SSD. Running at mostly Ultra & High settings at 1440P.

Upgraded my Ram today by installing 32GB of 3600MHZ DDR 4.
And wow what a difference in some areas.

II have limited my FPS to 40 anyway as I find this gives me a much smoother and more consistent feel. And in most areas it would maintain the 40 with the occasional dip to 35 if you switched the view to outside the left window (recovers back to 40 after a few seconds).
The only place I really found tricky was taking off from JFK and heading towards Brooklyn Bridge where I would get dips to about 25 fps for a few seconds and generally about 35fps with stutters a bit more frequent as I got closer to New York.

Tried that after the Ram upgrade and I’m getting a solid 40fps with the occasional dip to 35 if I look left and right but generally feels much more consistent with virtually no stutters.

So based on that quick test I would definitely upgrade your Ram if you can.


Thanks for the info, as someone with a very similar setup I’ve been looking at buying two more sticks of 8gb ram. From some of the video comparisons I’ve watched it seems like the extra RAM doesn’t really improve your average FPS that much, but it greatly improves your 1% and 0.1% lows, helping to prevent stutters giving you a smoother more consistent experience. This seems to line up with your findings as well.

Yes had some more time to fly around since my last post and it’s now really smooth.
The only time I see it dipping below 40fps is in the very dense high detail airports but it’s still pretty good even then. Much better than before.

I’ve got two 8GB sticks of DDR-4 3200MHz CL16 Corsair Vengeance Ram for sale now if anyone is interested. One careful owner, only a few thousand miles of flying on the clock. New in July 2020 :smiley:

The ram speed alone probably helped you out. Ram speed effects ryzen cpus more than it does intel. 3600 is the sweet spot for the 3000 series processors.

It would be more interesting if you could provide us with the locations you tested the performance. I mean, NYC is not the same as Lake Taho. I have been monitoring my RAM usage and I find weird that the system is using only 10GB out of 16 I have right now.

I went from 3200Mhz CL16 to 3600Mhz CL18 so maybe not that much of a difference speedwise with the extra latency of the CL18. Was an error on my part I thought I’d ordered CL16 for the new ram too. But having tried it I’m quite happy at the moment.

I’ll see if I can give some locations to try another time.
At JFK when I had 16GB of ram it usually used about 14GB but now I’m on 32GB it uses about 18GB. I’m assuming MSFS 2020 tries to keep withing your existing amount to avoid paging to disk too much. I expect if i was to max out all of the settings it would use much more.

From what I have read the latency isn’t all that important, its the speed. It has to do with the infinity fabric and how it is set up with ryzen. The correct speed actually frees up more performance in the cpu. And anything above 3600 doesn’t give much improvement if any at all. So 3400 and 3600 speed ram seems to be best. I cheaped out and got 3200 ram myself, but I got 64gb instead of 32. From what I can gather the difference between CL16 and 18 is so small that it is nearly undetectable unless you are using benchmark software to actually test it. Ram is already so fast now that it really doesn’t matter much.

Sort of like the speed of SSD drives. If you use benchmark software this is a large difference between sata SSD and NVME, and then again with the new gen 4 on ryzen. But when actually using them on a system it is very hard to tell the difference. The important thing is use an SSD, ANY ssd lol.

Just a quick update. As I said I run with V-Sync and framerate limited to 40 fps and find it’s an almost perfect compromise for my hardware.

Tried it with V-Sync off and unlimited again lastnight and it gives me about 55fps in most situations but dropping to about 35 in the more complex areas.

Compared to my preferred 40fps limited, it feels much worse, when the fps drops from 55 to about 35 it feels very jerky and makes it harder to control during landings when you often seem to get an fps drop.
With 40 fps limited any decrease in fps feels much less jerky and therefore more controllable in landings/turns etc…

Another downside to being unlimited is that although I get 55fps instead of 40, the GPU is now pegged at about 99% and the temperature goes way up, and I can’t see any difference in smoothness compared to the 40 fps.

I don’t play many games on the PC, I prefer sims, but the few I do play I realise fps is king in shoot em ups . In those situations I’ll go with as much as I can get for a competitive edge and I can see the difference between 60fps and 144 etc… but in MSFS 2020 whatever feels smooth and consistent is more important for me and 40 fps limited does that just fine.


Maybe I can get help from one or more of you. New yo MSFS but not to Simulation (over 10 years of experience). I have experienced at least two crashes and some freezes. The airports are not congested, and I have more than the required ram and graphics card. This happens like once every10 flights as i am coming in for a landing (which makes it all the frustrating). I am generally flying the Cessna and use live weather. Should I change to preset weather? Increase memory, or what, please advise. Thanks.
Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 2600 3.4GHz (6 Cores)

Chipset: AMD A320 Chipset

Memory: 16GB DDR4 2400MHz - 2 x 8GB DDR4 (32GB Max)

Hard Drives: 2 TB HDD & 480 SSD

Video Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 4GB GDDR5

Power Supply: 500-Watt Power Supply

Depends on the settings you want to run at. If you want ultra settings at 1440p or above, that would probably require a completely new system (especially graphics card).

If you’re looking for cheaper options;
I assume that 480GB SSD is your windows drive. If you currently have MSFS installed on a spinning disk, I would suggest investing in another SSD to install the game and (if you have them) cache files on.

Memory wise; on your system this is not likely to make a difference. The game only needs it on the heavy photogrammetry areas. (I run 16GB myself, and it’s more than enough outside those area’s).

I would just tune your settings down to an enjoyable / stable framerate, and save up your money for a full system rebuild in the future. AMD is announcing their new CPU and GPU lineup next month, so wait for details on those to make your decision.

When you say crashes and freezes do you mean to desktop or just controls not responding?

If it’s the later, try hitting esc, go to controls, then exit back into game if it will let you.

Also when landing you are closer to objects which taxes the cpu and GPUs more. Drop a few settings a click or 2 might help

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I just upgraded from 16 gig to 32 gig ram just for FS2020, and it was a total waste of money.

FS2020 isn’t using anymore than it used to. Mine varies from 12-14 gig usage.

Thanks MortThe2nd. I actually just purchased this system, specifically for MSFS, Had a Dell and it is my work computer, MSFS is actually on D drive. The 480 SD was not included, but i will get one and reinstall on it. I have ratcheted down to medium and lowered the number for anything that decreases performance. thanks for advice on the increased memory, as most suggest that it will not add much. I may in a few months invest in a newer graphics card. I do get stunning images with this one. Do you have advice on a graphics card replacement that want break the bank. :smile:

It crashed to desktop, at least twice. I did decrease the objects controls. What was great with FSX is that you received some optimal settings. One other thing I have experienced is what looks like “sleep” with certain commands. When I change from autopilot, it is slow and I have to click several time for it to react. . .can the sensitivity of my Thrustmaster be the problem and I could change. What is a safe GPU number? I continually look at the task manager to track performance. What should i worry about with the Task manager data? I have disable many programs that I am not using. Thanks again for responding to my query.

What settings are you running? Your resolution, planes you fly the airport you fly at? Mine uses as much as 20gb with the a320 parked at a big airport.

Right now wait until AMD’s announcements next month. Their graphics cards are normally priced more friendly, and even if you don’t like their offer, might prompt NVidia to do something with their prices. Although in this case I doubt that, since they’re already priced pretty well (well, the 3070 and 3080 that is).
A powerful graphics card is a waste though if the CPU can’t feed it enough data. Surprised to hear you got a A320+Ryzen5 2600 recently. a B450+Ryzen5 3600 would probably have been a better choice, since the price difference shouldn’t have been too big.

I have i7-9700k and rtx3080 with 32G ddr4-3000 ram, but i can barely run MSFS around 30-35 FPS on ultra and high in 1440p, i also installled it in ssd, anyone know why this happens? Which part i still need to upgrade? Thanks