Performance at the expense of visual quality

I have no issue with object LOD. I can set that to 400 in the cfg file without issue. It’s terrain LOD that murders my performance. 100 is the max. Below 100 seems to have no impact on performance in terms of increasing it.

My god! This is what you call eye candy!

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No problem. I think what is clear is that the gain in FPS buys Asobo a lot of room to boost visual quality back and maybe beyond where it was. And we haven’t even seen DX12 on the PC yet.

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I agree that the performance is much better. I can now run on render scale of 100 in sim and 60 in OpenXR. I have most settings at maximums. Yesterday I landed without any stutters in LA. I have never been able to that. By the way, I have only flown in VR mode for the past several months.

But the flip side is the visuals. Most of the world looks duller than before, not as crisp. The clouds look mushy instead of fluffy. Light shafts look like geometric shapes flickering across the instrument panel. How could these and many more visuals look so poor if my settings are mostly at maximum?

I agree with those of you who have said that it appears that we all have paid a very large price for a stutter-free sim.


Performance is WAY better now than with SU4, if you could run it before at 400 but can’t now either the settings were not being registered or you have an issue with the installation imo.

The lighting compared to the old SU4 lighting is not as good. Everything now looks a little faker. More cartoonish for lack of a better word.


In my opinion that is not the case, but lets agree to disagree, everyone sees colors differently.

Lol. The point here and in other posts are that the sim looks uglier compared to SU4. And that we shouldn’t have the need to manually tweak and boost configs to have better visuals. The minimum they should deliver to us is the ability to have the same visual fidelity as before with the same graphical settings. If you have a powerful enough pc to manually change settings and make the visuals better, lucky you, but other people had the same quality you have now but with the standard configs ultra + LOD 100, now they don’t have it anymore. And they are not obligated to change it nor they should because this is some problem related to the servers or the way Asobo configured the texture rendering logic in this update.

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I absolutely disagree and I believe it is just people throwing a tantrum, as you can see from the pictures I provided, in my opinion it looks way better than before and performs twice as good as before.

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Lol you cut only the beginning of my answer to respond, but ok. Let’s do the same. I wonder why your sim looks better. I will say once again, we shouldn’t have the need to manually tweak and boost configs way ahead the game limit to have better visuals. The textures look blurry and awful from high altitudes with ultra + LOD 100, and that didn’t happen before SU5. Textures load when you get close to then especially if you doing some flight with 1+ hour duration.

Then don’t play on PC, use an xbox, you are on the wrong platform my friend.

I don’t see any visual downgrade at all in a Reverb G2 with a 10850K and a 3090. There is some LOD pop in now for sure, but once it has loaded everything looks great.

I do notice the in game menus have got a little jaggedy, especially the ATC menu although the text itself is clear. I assume they will fix both these issues in their next update, they aren’t big deals to me.

You are still pretending to not understand my point. For the last time, my point is: the simulator is looking bad if you have default LOD 100 + ultra settings, and it was not like that before. Now you have the need to raise your LOD + other configs above the limit to have what you had previously, you see? I’m not against you or people who does it, im just saying everyone should have what they had before. So don’t say MSFS looks prettier if you are configuring your sim beyond the official limits. MSFS should look pretty on default too LOD 100 as he was before.


Just look at tons of YT 4k videos before SU5. The sim is looking worse, has problems with overexposed picture in daylight, worse shadows… common ppl.


Exactly. Not everyone can cheat and put LOD 1000 to have outstanding visuals. This is Asobo’s problem to fix because on SU4, or before we had outstanding visuals even with the standard LOD 100 and textures were magnificent even on cruise level. Now it’s all blurry and objects and textures load in front of your eyes popping in all the time, terrific.


You may not have seen the threads, but many complained of blurry textures when flying above FL100.

Why not if it’s true? What’s worse, that we have to resort to editing a text file to achieve what we had before, or not being able to edit that text file at all?

I would agree we shouldn’t have to, but surely we should all be thankful that we still can, yes?

Before SU5. Did you read my “were”?

I posted this earlier in a different thread for the same reasons… But i do feel your frustration too…

Whilst I would agree that there are distinct performance enhancements (with CPU usages better optimised) etc, i will say that this sim is nowhere near looking as good as it once was. Whilst i can raise the LOD distances in the cfg file for Terrain/Objects etc, there are still massive amount of object popup constantly, the lighting seems to be washed out overall. The clouds do look slightly degraded to me also and they are all too bright. I have been running in HDR since Launch day (aug 18 2020) but now even with HDR active the sim does look like it used to without HDR.
Here is the resources i use (and wish to once again)

System Specs:
Intel Core i9-9900X 10 Core HT @ 3.5GHz, and @ 4.40GHz Turbo.
MSI X299 Raider Ultimate Force Motherboard
64GB Ram DDR4 @ 3600 Quad Channel
2 x MSI GeForce RTX 2080Ti (sli)
M2SSD 1TB 3400Mb/s
Hyper Liquid II medium kit (Rigid)
Corsair AX 1200i 1200W 80+ Power unit
Extra custom fans

Thrustmaster Warthog A-10C Replica
Logitek Rudder/Pedals set

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Yes. I did, and I believe you are wrong. They’ve been blurry for quite some time, before SU4 I believe.

A search of the forums should show this.

Yes! I was one of them.