Performance decrease from USA update

I have seen a loss in FPS from around 25FPS in the A320 to 10-15FPS.

My friend has also seen this too.

Anyone else seeing a decrease in performance?

Nope, it’s about the same. Photogrammetry does seem to load in a bit better, but I could just be imagining that.

I thought i saw a slight improvement in light aircraft with photogrammetry, but performance in the a320 ruined it for me.

Also, my photogrammetry doesn’t load / render correctly. Trees are not trees, they are green spikes or triangles in the ground and some buildings are the same. Further away in the distance, nothing is even 3d!

Double-check the glass panel refresh rate in your settings, maybe that got put back to High. Medium should be fine.

As for the loading of the Photogrammetry; increase terrain and objects scale to 150-200% if your system can handle it (don’t increase the render scaling, this will not help with PG). In general; for photogrammetry areas you should stop zooming in too much. It looks very good from normal zoom levels, and stuff will load in to higher detail when you get closer.
If you really dislike the photogrammetry and prefer the autogen, you can just turn it off.

My refresh rate is still on low. I think i am going to just have to admit defeat and buy a new PC. I have a GTX 1060 6GB, and i5 3470, 16 gb ram… the CPU cant handle anything under 4k (at least not in glass cockpit aircraft).

Its annoying though as outside the plane i get 35-40fps on decent settings at 4k. But inside the cockpits of airliners it drops to 10-18…

eeehm… yes.
That CPU is over 8 years old now, and below minimum spec. It is indeed time for an upgrade.
4 cores without hyperthreading just doesn’t cut it anymore.
The GPU you can get away with as long as you’re fine with not maxing out settings and not higher resolution.

It is a fairly noticable DECREASE for me. Last night was playing super smooth at 60 fps in medium airport areas. After update 40s and 50s fps in same areas with same conditions. Rig is 10700K at 5GHz, RTX 3070, 32 GB RAM at 3200 in 1440p

I just dont get it. No settings changed. Oh well.

Please buy a new PC.

This update is AMAZING

Same here. Barely 30fps on cockpit (152 or A320), when I used to have 40 before this update.

Same here :frowning: Just came on to post about it and saw your thread. Manhattan used to be playable for me, like 25fps but after this up date I am averaging 10-12fps over the city and see no visual difference at all. Very disappointing. I’m running an i9 10900, 32gb of DDR4 3200mhz ram, and an MSI RTX 2070 graphics card.

Same. Just got off a flight in Atlanta. Noticeable performance drop on a Ryzen 5 3600 5600xt. Seems as soon as you go above 1000ft it turns into a slide show with cloud cover. Clear skies no problem.

Performance around Atlanta is atrocious.

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Your GPU is the issue having the same issue with clouds on if I set them to ultra here on 1440p here on a 2060super Turning it down to high yields a slight improvement.Runs fine on 1080p.
With 2k if I have to keep the clouds on high. I am currently at ATL and it was certainly better with clouds set to high.

If you are referring to KATL unfortunately that’s how most of the handcrafted airports were done by Gaya simulations. Poorly optimized and since they came free in the sim I don’t expect any performance improvement with these airports.Not sure if the same can be said for their payware products