Performance degradation in VR mode

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when flying in vr mode if we let the vr headset sleep when for example in cruise, when it’s re awoken the performance is very poor if indeed the sim restarts at all. This has been a problem previously… the work around was to make sure that the headset didn’t sleep. If we’re going to do long haul in this plane then we will need some solution other than just leaving the headset on … it would be nice to be able to sleep the headset for periods during cruises. I am able to sleep and then reawaken the headset using fbw a320 and could also do so with the 787 before this update. The update itself will be a huge improvement no doubt.

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allow headset to sleep.

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Hp reverb g2, 3080, i7 12900 32 gb ram. 1tb ssd.

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AAU 2 Beta (

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Do you have the same issue if you follow the OP’s steps to reproduce it?

No, but I found the same effect if I exited VR mode in the sim, and then re-entered it. FPS in the 20s before exiting, less than 5 when re-entering. EDIT: The same problem occurs after a long flight (~1hr), perhaps symptomatic of a memory leak on the headset?

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I managed to get higher FPS back by restarting my Quest 2 headset, which seems to be the opposite to the OP on their Reverb headset. For me, the problem did seem to be in the headset, as the 2D was running as normal. I’ve not had problems with other planes (mostly flying Longitude and CJ4). GSX1080Ti, 64GB RAM, AAU2.

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Same problem here… Quest 2 RTX 3070. Some days it’s just unusable. it works for a while and then for no reasons performance drops. 35/40 fps and down to 10.
really frustrating. It looks like a problem of resource management to me.

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GPU usage is at 59%, 900 MB of available GPU RAM, CPU at 16%, FPS are lower than 10 and the debug tool says “Limited by GPU”. This is a big bug

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I use quest 3 these days i just dont put the headset to sleep mode which is a pain i know…Just keep the headset powered its the only way im afraid.

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I too have the FPS dropping to less than 10 primarily when finishing a landing challenge and going to the scoring page. I have found that pressing the Windows key will restore the FPS to what it was experiencing prior to the slowdown. I can then fly another landing before the FPS drop again. It is not necessary to press any other key to return the system to “normal” operation, only the Windows key. Of course I am playing on a PC and using a Reverb G2. It is the Microsoft store version of MSFS, and this has only been occuring since SU13.

It seems that you have to lost focus of simulator window

Yes. That’s really what it seems like to me too.