Performance Degradation with Upgrade

Another part where it just instantly triggers for me is LL22 Brookeridge Air Park. Just start on the ground, guaranteed slideshow!

Add Gainesville regional to the list KGNV. Funny thing is, when I’m on the grass in the middle of the airport, no issues, as soon as I slew to the tarmac, slide show

I looked at the MSFS 2020 fps display. The thread Manipulators needs more then 700ms. There is the bug, or at least one bug. See

76T Bishop fps

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Confirmed !! With a RTX3090 and 10900k: slideshow

Exactly, Asobo and Microsoft do not care to fix this. This should have been fixed or rolled back a day or 2 later at most, but we’re going on 14 days. I’m starting to wonder if it will ever get fixed? With this sim we’re completely at the mercy of Microsoft/Asobo. Maybe they didnt earn enough on the sales and are just going to leave it a buggy mess, or pull the plug entirely. Either way they already got our $60 to $130 and they can do whatever they want and our options are zero except to post on here.

surprising! as you can see from my screenshots in the opening post, i still have a lot of cores involved. and suddenly, for no reason at all, the load goes up to the limit for almost all cores and then completely collapses while memory is always just under 16gb of 96gb. that’s why the gpu is idle then.

Well the knowledge the step has given me, after having applied the suggestion in the video to other games has certainly had a massive affect on my system - one game which felt poorly optimised and stepped between 10-20fps even on the lowest settings, despite having relatively simple graphics, is now highly enjoyable experience at 40fps on high settings. so despite the critisism that it hasn’t worked for “Split83”, it’s something which has helped me personally overall, on a fairly substantial scale- also on the plus side the sim is much smoother for me too using this. Trouble is there are so many systems out there with different configs, manufacturers (EG Radeon or INTEL/Ge-Force related to graphics alone!) that one fix may work for somebody but have no affect for another user (like "Split83 has seen with thier pc)

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Beyond the Premium Deluxe version that I bought, I have also spent thousands of dollars on new hardware and hundreds on the Marketplace.

I sure hope that they don’t decide to scrap this project!

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Stop with the conspiracies please, they do care for it, but you can’t just roll back the game. It’s not that easy. And this doesn’t justify such a large bug, but you need to understand this : this is a simulator and all simulators have these issues. I’ve been playing DCS for years and these bugs easily lasted 6 months - more really, people over there have been asking for VR fixes that have been in the pipeline for 2+ years.

So sit down, calm down and take a breather. Don’t start stomping your feet asking for “simple fixes” that are only simple because you’re not part of the development team that keeps this whole thing turning.

This game is not something that will last you a year and then it’s out of the picture. MSFS will be the reference for flight sims for the next decade, at the very least the lifespan of this game is going to be in the 12+ years. Look at X-Plane and look at how many years it took XPlane to get where it is, and how MSFS is leapfrogging it at every month.

The codebase is complex and the future of the sim is complex. Asobo has been surely skimping out on a lot of stuff (what, 5 months to introduce the baro knob for the King Air…?), but we’re not entitled to go and tell them that “it’s easy” : we don’t know where the issue lies exactly and we don’t know how slow moving is the whole team - they might have to reassign people, they might have a schedule, there might be any number of problems.

So, again really this is for everyone : the bug sucks, but they’re working on it. It might take a month. They’re not going to do hot fixes on a whim. Sit down and relax.


Unfortunately I can’t find and image of my processor usage prior to the upgrade, but I can assure you that prior to this upgrade, on my Intel I7-10700, 4 processors where almost always pegged, where like you, I am down to only 1 of 16 being pregged. The other 15 are prety much idle.

I haven’t said it does not have any effect. Most guys redo this step after every update, because it happens to get reset with updates. I just mentioned, that it was posted 4 times already on this thread, implying that I was following this thread from the very beginning to see if there is a real solution for this. And still, I strongly believe it does not solve the root cause for the geographical stutters, having done several testflights on an affected area with changed settings that were suggested here. It might help reduce the stutters, so of course worth a try if you haven’t done so already.

BTW: There is a link to an article on the topic of full screen optimization further up this thread which I post here again:

Summarizd for me it leads to the conclusion that optimizations ON should help games, when in FullScreen, to have smooth frames if you have on screen overlays of other programs. Switching them OFF should supposingly lead to more stutters in case of other programs overlaying your core game. Who knows how it works with MSFS? - I don’t.

While runnig MSFS in Fullscreen, having a look on my User.cfg it seems that windowed and fullscreen mode are both enabled, for what reason ever, because to my humble understanding it should either be one or the other. Since my User.cfg seems renamed to Usercfg.opt and is thus inactive I am wondering what it does anyway. I leave it like it is, because while this sim seems to have a lot of things in common with previous sims it on the other hand acts completely different and I am no developer in any way.


i believe that without any question even without screenshot. also in your initial post at the top the screenshot shows how most cores are working and the one with the mainthread is practically fully loaded. actually just like with me. and suddenly almost all cores go to the limit for no reason - then the collapse follows …

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You can find Asobo office phone number and address on Google.


@blueline308 Whilst the numbers are listed Jim, the phone lines are still very much in a pre-release state. The good news however, is that they’re working on it over a 10 year period.


Well, Asobo made bad experiences both ways up to now. I understand if they NOW test a little longer before they present the next mix of “old bugs fixed, new bugs introduced”.
The sad thing is that this is a reoccuring pattern: Asobo/Microsoft still does not test enough before EVERYBODY gets the communistic update. Communistic update because you have not the freedom to say NO to the update.
Instead of saying: we have a BIG problem with the way we make software/test software and to fix our method of working will take months, they run on and stumble over the next ant hill. Everybody knows the the ant hill is where the bugs live. Everybody but Asobo/Microsoft.
Please WALK. Make a monthly update or even a bi-monthly update. People will complain, but I tell you at Asobo/Microsoft a big secret: people always complain. The question is only how much they complain. With running and do introducing new bugs you make the people complain very much. With walking and do not introducing new bugs you make the people complain little. Is this really your intention to be fast and foolish?


Oh my Gosh… Tottaly hopeless…

If we don’t see a word about a hotfix either today or tomorrow, then we know they screwed something up really bad.



Very good article to educate us all on Full Screen Optimization!

Glad to see this is getting a lot of community attention/votes. Hopefully a fix comes out soon.

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Okay, I try this youtube video. For me, the guy talks like a snake oil salesman. This is first impression. Second impression is why does he have so much unused space. You can’t read the text, again snake oil.

I have the Steam version of MSFS2020 and I found my excutable at
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\MicrosoftFlightSimulator

The checkbox he wants us to click is “Vollbildoptimierungen deaktivieren”. Please see the screenshot:

He babbles about DPI settings, but for me this is to confuse the russians. After program start I go to 76T Bishop and get

76T Bishop fps Vollbildoptimierung aus

… the same Manipulators thread needing more then 700 ms for one iteration again.

Thanks Mr. Snake oil salesman!

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