Performance Degradation with Upgrade

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One processor pegged at 100% and getting tons of stutters at High settings when with older release it ran beautifully smooth.

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It happens anywhere you fly. Performance degraded by usage of of mostly one processor and that pegged at 100% utilization.

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Did you submit this to Zendesk? If so, what is your ticket #?
No ticket so far, but I can if you want me to open one.

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Will do tomorrow morning. Thanks.


Huge performance degradation on my side. im redlining all over compared to the previous version. I had over 40fps and now if clouds are in the area i’m barely getting 20, 26 if i clear the skies.


a note about…

this “issue” exist since first release. We have some threads which show us exact same picture of these one core ( the last one ) in 100%.

as example a near hundred years old comment from me :slight_smile:

The team is aware that performances can be impacted for some users.
We are investigating, thank you for your reports.


My performance decreased by almost a third since the UK update- nothing new to report following this update either. I get bad stutters no matter what settings/resolution I use, especially going into big airports. Before I could run 4k with settings on the high side, render scaling at 100 and LOD +150 and achieve 25fps, which was fine by me in my 8700k and 1080ti. Now? 10-18fps. Drop settings, maybe I get 18-20. Drop out of 4k? Get maybe 20. As soon as I stutter my way away from big airports, it goes back up to the 20s. That’s about as good as I can get it. So in a nutshell, I can’t fly.

What did they do to the sim?


Before the UK Update:

45-ish fps @ 1440p with a mix of high and medium settings. Could have run higher settings (ultra / high), but was happy with quality and the fluid frame rate at 45 fps. GPU (2080) was typically running 60-70% usage, but I was limited by main thread, which I expect with my CPU (Ryzen 2700X).

After the UK Update: 25-30 fps with the same settings. GPU running at 20-40% load. Even lowering ALL setting to LOW and 720p yields no increase in performance. The only difference is lowering GPU usage to 10-20%. Started seeing the world map running at 10 fps instead of its regular 60.

After 15-20 max, regardless of my settings or resolution. CPU main thread is pegged at 100% at all times. GPU consistently under 20% usage. World map running at under 5 fps.

Ryzen 7 2700X (no overclock)
Gigabyte x470 AORUS Gaming 5
64GB RAM @ 2666MHz
Gigabyte AORUS RTX 2080 (non-OC, no user overclock)
2 x 1TB NVMe

Running no mods or liveries atm. My Community folder is empty.


I have opened up a Zendesk ticket. Request #96720 Extreme Performance Degradation with update


Prior to this upgrade my Intel I7-10700 ran mostly on four processors out of 16. After the upgrade it is now mostly running only on one.

I use to run stutter free on High setting. Now it’s more like a slide show. Really bad performance.

I see that a Community Manager @OlieTsubasa443 has indicates that they are aware that this impact is only affect some users.

I know we can rule our processor brands, since it is affecting both AMD and Intel processors.


Just receive an email with this update:

“This issue has been tracked in our internal bug tracker and we’re currently investigating.”

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I have around 24% CPU usage and 45-50% GPU usage in the task manager, while the sim drops frames to 14 FPS on ground at JFK (1440p high settings). Limited by main thread and very high manipulators value.

Ryzen 9 5900HS
RTX 3080 (80W) with 8GB VRAM

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In the middle of the ocean no clouds in the TBM no addons. I had over 60fos after this I have around 30 to 45fps…

i9 9900k
32Gb RAM
RTX 3099

Getting tired of this so called “updates” …


Expand your view to see logical processors. It will show you what the individual cores / threads are doing vs a snapshot of overall CPU activity. I can guarantee 1-2 cores are pegged at 100% while the rest are doing very little.

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PR to English translation: “It’s in the backlog and we’ll get to it sometime between now and the heat death of the universe.”


Sorry to see the poor performance, happy to see Toronto. I’ve also been hit with the bug. So far, getting rid of the VFR map and not making any graphic changes during a flight is working

Sorry to say this, but I believe this time it’s really a big engine kernel problem. I am still stuck in the update screen and this is what I get not even flying! The last CPU core/thread being bumped to Max leading to thermal throttling of the whole system because that core is always fully loaded and pumps out the Watts.

Specs are a gaming laptop from Asus with a Core i/-9750H and RTX2070 Super (mobile)

EDIT: Specs


Yes , Me too . I am also getting tired of this so called " updates " . Every update cost me a few FPS . In September last year I enjoyed ultra setting . After many updates , I had to drop the setting to high end and disable road traffic to 0 . And with this update , I have to disable more stuff to enjoy the sim . How can I enjoy the sim if I have to keep disable more and more stuff ?


Gaming laptop with 2070 maxQ … 32bg memory.

NO issues at all ( 2 CTD’s since day one on one specific location ) . 35 to 40 FPS with the FWB on handcrafted Schiphol ( eham ) and settings mixed between medium to ultra on some settings ( ultra clouds for example ).

Again … on my LAPTOP

I see a lot of 30XX owner complaining on performance. Could it just not be a driver thing or an issue with the cards themselves ?

I have a 2070S, 10700K, 32gb and lost about 15-20 fps in performance with this update.