What in this update broke the fps?

Totally predictable over certain areas
4 of my 6 cores go 100% and FPS drops from 60 FPS down to 20ish. And after I fly past the area it goes straight back to 60fps

GPU goes from 75% usages down to 20% due to it going cpu limited

But I’m not seeing any disk reading or internet traffic!


SMT off was the biggest and made a noticeable difference in the FPS, especially in more CPU bound situations of Flight Simulator, although it may hurt performance in other multithreaded apps.

PBO enabled may help a little. I tried tinkering with a couple of overclocking profiles which I don’t have handy at the moment, but I’m most often GPU bound with the 5900x and RTX 3090, so I’m not sure overclocking does much more than produce a bit more heat and instability. But nudging the clocks on the 3090 gives a couple of extra frames per second as a result. Instead, there are some discussions on here you could dig up about undervolting and focusing on the multipliers, locked across the cores, or adjusting particular cores that Flight Simulator is using. I haven’t had time to tinker with that yet though.

I have experienced stutter in some certain areas. Most of those areas are photogrammetry area. I saw a GPU usage drops from 90 - 100% to 30 - 50% when the FPS starts dropping with stutters.

Cheers! Thanks. I have been Mainthread limited with the same setup.

Can you maybe post your settings with print screens in this thread? I have a similar system, but can’t get it to run without stutters. I‘d like to test your settings. Thx

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For anyone looking for more on stutters, significant FPS drops and related, there are at least 7 other similar threads on this (below). Make sure you vote on the top two and submit a ticket


Noticed the same behaviour after latest update - occasional FPS drops from 50-60 to low 20s with stutters. Even had one CTD without any error message. Before the update the sim run great. I clear the community folder before each update. The only thing not updated are the GPU drivers (one version behind), I tend to update them after some time passes, when there are no significant issues with the newest drivers.

To all the folks saying “fix your s**t yourself, sim works fine for me”, take note that amount of possible PC hardware (and software/driver) configurations is so massive that the fact they don’t have any issues doesn’t mean other folks are as lucky. Especially with so complex software as a flight sim which streams lots of its data from the cloud. There are so many possible points of failure here many don’t even imagine…

Would be interesting to know what kind of hardware specs QA is testing with and which servers.

My RTX3070, 5600X, 32GB RAM and 1TB M.2 drive should be up to running this sim at 1080 and it ran great up until WU3. Things have gone downhill considerably since and SU3 has completely screwed it up.

I’ve deleted all my mods and addons to exclude any of them and had a play with my virtual RAM settings to no avail.

FPS seems to go from 60 down to 20 fairly randomly, though particularly at airports and around photogrammetry where it was only dropping into the 40’s before. More to the point, the stuttering 25 fps seems to feel more like about 8 or 9 fps. This seems to be in line with other users experiences.

I thought it may just be the UK, but had the same issues around Sydney and Miami yesterday and even at a few rural and low density US airparks too. Running most settings on Ultra, but may have to drop some of them down until a fix is applied.

Can anyone confirm what the bugs ASOBO have found are related to? From what I can tell there seems to be a CPU usage issue and a problrm with RAM usage.

So I’ve noticed tonight when my FPS drops from 60 down to 12 I press the escape key and turn off Online Functionality and it brings me back to 60

If then imeadiately o back into setting and turn it back on it still stays at 60fps

Not sure why but doing this everytime works

BUT this doesn’t solve the issue when flying over an area and my FPS drops to 20 or 30 fps; that’s something different again

That would point to a scenery loading issue at the server end then, perhaps Gruesome, which was my original observation.

Feels like that; watching my download meter I can see it’s not downloading anything so that would mean the server isn’t sending the data do the game is waiting for it!

I think that’s it!

I just tried going offline in a guaranteed stutter fest area (FACE) and it didn’t make any difference here. Same stutters even in offline mode, and after reconnecting.

Bugga as it worked the 3 times i had the issue tonight!

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Do you use rolling cache? Try removing that if you do and see what it does

No, I don’t use rolling cache.

There’s only a few things I can think of:

  1. I have 64 gb of ram but some VM’s are using a considerable amount. I’m going to try shutting down all the vm’s and see what happens. Maybe the game/os sees the high % usage and is doing a lot of swapping, even though there’s >16gb of ram free.
  2. The video card might be throttling down due to heat or something. I’m going to monitor that and try verifying it.
  3. This is also very similar performance that I saw with VSync on, so I’m going to take a look and see if that could be the case. It’s possible something is trying to vsync and it’s messing things up.

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I’ve identified the issue (at least for me):

The GPU clock frequency drops to half. What’s interesting, is that by simply alt-tabbing out of the game for a few minutes and then going back, the frequency jumps back up to what is required for the game to be smooth.

Are you one of the “beta testers”?

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