Suffering with poor FPS after today's update? Please submit a ticket!


If like myself and from what I can gather lots of other users are suffering with a huge downgrade in performance, smoothness and FPS after today’s update, despite the community folder being empty, then please submit a ticket using the following link: Submit a request – Microsoft Flight Simulator Support

The more of us do this, the sooner we can hope they will address it.


Yup, absolute disgrace, down to 3fps at 39k, infact it got that bad i just quit the ■■■■ game. This has only been happeniing since WU3. but todays update you would think there would be a fix, but no, lets make it worse.

And before anyone says the system is more than capable at running at th 40-55fps until recent updates.

Ryzen 3800x At idle dueing fps drops
32gb DDr4 3200
MSI X570 pro M/board
3x NVme gen 4 1 tb drives.
Radeon RX5700XT 8gb At idle during fps drops

I really thoght today was going to be the day, we finally get a good update, but hell no, the worst one yet is delivered. Not looking good for the big launch of a new airliner…


Yeah same experience here, WU3 took a performance hit. But then the update today, totally broken. Unusable.


Sttuters come back after sim update III
I cant belive it.
Who wants FSX líveries?
Oh my god


Yeah ASOBO need to get their priorities set right and actually fix the things that matter to people, e.g.

Smooth performance
Correct weather
Accurate flight dynamics etc etc etc

Like fsx liveries, seriously?


exact same here, but even before today, i was still able to get stable frame rate at 25,000 and above. but now its shot. even at 50,000 i was getting drops in the single digits. Like wth?


Yeah same experience here. WU3 definitely took some fps, but after today it’s just a total unbearable mess.

Please submit a ticket to them using the link above if you haven’t already, they need to sort this


I don’t know it helps but have you tried a fresh installation of FS2020. In my case from the Microsoft Store where I bought it I can’t even update. It would quit with an error message and say something went wrong. Then it uninstalls the entire FS and I have to install it from fresh which might be better. I got around downloading the entire 100GB of data from the the internet.

  1. Back up the core fightsim folder. (~100GB) (starts some branches below the community folder)
  2. Delete the FS
  3. Fresh install the FS engine which is around 5GB. DO NOT RUN THE FS YET!
  4. Restore the flightsim folder from the backup
  5. Start the FS and it will download the missing files ~5 to 10 GB depends on updated

Hope this help


oh, believe me i have re-installed countless times. we should not need to do a weekly or after any update a re-installation, there is obviously core issues with this software, and needs fixed.


I would suspect Asobo only do what MS wants, so imo it;s a MS issue

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Well whoever is responsible, they need to get their act together.


After ensuring all of my settings were correct (my HDR got turned off in Windows, not MSFS, and my power settings reverted to “balanced” and not maximum performance) as well as these settings, I am now at 25-30fps on 4k HDR. I would encourage you to take a look at these, even if you think you’ve already done them.

I def see a performance hit from the latest update, but it’s far from unplayable for me.


Same situation. Frames are absolutely terrible, at times dipping to 20fps or worse with 15% of my processor being used and 5% of my GPU when it happens.

Worst performance I’ve ever had with MSFS so far. Generally can run with everything on ultra without a hiccup, but noticed the performance hit after the last update but this is a game changer/killer for me.

Ryzen 9 3900
32gb ddr4 3200
RTX2080 ti
3840x1080 Samsung CHG90
100mbps connection


Same situation for me. Please submit a support ticket if haven’t already: Submit a request – Microsoft Flight Simulator Support

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since update game gets to a flight plan , I click on the “fly” flag it starts to load chosen flight blue loading line gets to about 4/5 th’s of loading then crashes to desktop with no warning. nada. empty community folder, I’m starting to think WTF Asobo . Fix this bloody sim for the love of God !!!


3090 user here (not that it matters) but had horrific FPS after todays update! I usually play at 4k Ultra and get anywhere between 27-60 fps depending on location, after todays update I was getting 6fps at Detroit. After a PC restart fps back to normal.


wow, and that’s with a 3090… no hope for us mear mortals then…


My FPS keeps stuttering every few seconds. If I pause for a while, it plays like normal; but then it keeps stuttering after maybe 10 seconds.


Yet again a mess of an update for many users. Once again we say, please let people volunteer to beta test it before Asobo shoots itself in the foot, s’il vous plait?


Yes but he also said that he restarted his PC and his FPS went back to normal.

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