Can we get official comment regarding a hotfix?

Can we get a word on whether or not a hotfix is in the works? Please don’t leave the community hanging until next Sim Update.

We need a hotfix which addresses the following:

  1. FPS issues.

  2. Reduced tree LOD.

  3. World map performance.

Talk to us. Please tell us you’re planning a hotfix.


For there to be a hotfix you would have to demonstrate that these issues are not due to some other factor, like graphics card, drivers, system specs, etc. For many people including me, the sim is running fine with the same or better performance.


I hope I’m wrong, but I’d be downright shocked to see them issue a hotfix.


None of that requires a hotfix. I can fly pretty smoothly over London photogrammetry - I’ve even added Stratford Olympic Park photogrammetry as well which integrates quite well. This patch has caused some stutters but lowering grass quality and render scaling a notch has addressed it so no biggie.

My only real gripe is the fonts on the World Map, ATC and the popup windows during flight looks fuzzy and stretched in VR. I’ve not read any posts about it so I would appreciate if somebody can confirm they get the same issue, thanks.

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First time I’m hearing of any of these issues arising due to the update. The world map fps drop issue has been a very intermittent issue since the start of World Update 3 (I’ve had it twice, and could not intentionally reproduce it - but it fixes it self after a minute). Other than that for me personally the sim is smooth and I haven’t seen any LOD issues that have changed since the update.


Have you not looked in the performance section of the bugs/issues forum in the past few days? Even once? That entire section of the forums is on fire because of the massive FPS issues.


Guy I volunteer my time here when I can as a moderator - that does not mean I can scan every single section of the thousdand+ posts we get a week. I’m sorry that wasn’t obvious to you - I’ve been enjoying my time with the recent aircraft and scenery updates, so have not had time to check that specific section.


It would be nice to hear something regarding the widely posted about performance issues this update has introduced


Good for you. I’ve been completely unable to enjoy this patch, like many others, because the game now outright refuses to use my GPU due to a massive memory leak resulting in single digit FPS figures.


OK. Best of luck.

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I rolled back to 457.30 driver last night after horrid performance and sure enough it’s smooth even better than prior to the latest update

I don’t have these problems in VR. If it’s fuzzy then you might need to adjust the render scale in the headset app and OpenXR if you use G2

I have been on 457.30 the entire time, so for me, that is not the issue. Glad it fixed yours.


Thanks, it was a huge relief.

I’m thinking maybe try to reinstall the driver and see if that helps.

Do you have any boxes checked in flightsimulator.exe under compatibility section?

Was this back from 461.72? I considered going back to 457.3 prior to this update, but seemingly frame rates have improved for me.

Yes I had 461.72 installed and it was a slide show. I’m starting to think maybe all we have to do is reinstall our drivers. Any version

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Could be a possibility! I know last update I improved my frames by reverting my Nvidia Control Panel settings - but have had no issue since this update when I re-enabled them. Inconsistency is the tricky thing here.

I went back to 457.30 after WU3 and it was a massive improvement. Actually was impressed with the game. SU3 comes along and wrecked it. Maybe a reinstall would help, who knows, but an update shouldnt wreck the GPU driver…just saying.


Yes indeed. At least if that’s the case then it’s an easy solution for now. I wish I tried reinstalling the 461.72 just to see if that helped but didn’t think of it at the time due to my frustration lol.

For sure, updates shouldn’t make us reinstall things to make it work again but since it’s mainly out of our control we can probably troubleshoot like so.