Discussion: March 11th, 2021 Development Update

This week’s development update has been released:

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@Jummivana There is a “Trailer (TBA)” item listed in the Development Roadmap for today’s update, was that yesterday’s World Update 4 teaser?

Thanks for the more detailed Feedback Snapshot!

I believe it was for the Working Title video that came out!

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what is the meaning of backlog ?

We don’t care about this item


As nice as the CRJ may be, it’s useless when the sim has been turned into a slideshow.


Nothing about the performance issues so many people are reporting?


We are creating a legend for what the terms mean for the future.

‘Backlog’ means they haven’t figured out yet where they will be prioritizing it for release.

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I’m confused about the beta testing branch. I thought originally, the beta testing branch was supposed to come out in Q1 or Q2 of this year? But at the Twitch Q&A session yesterday, it now seems like a beta testing branch is something Asobo will talk about and consider, rather than something that was concrete and in the schedule for deployment.

Just asking because with a beta testing branch, it will reduce the number of bugs for each update. Almost all the other big game companies out there have a beta testing branch for their games before their update is released to the public (heck, even Microsoft will have a beta test version of Windows before they release a big update to the general public). And it’s not like Asobo has to pay the beta testers - people will gladly do the beta testing for free, so it’s a win win for Asobo and a win win for the MSFS player base who want a reduction in bugs.


The performance and FPS issues feedback has been passed onto the team. Unfortunately don’t have much more info than that at the moment except that it’s being looked at seriously.


It’s actually baffling that they haven’t made any progress with a beta branch since they already did so for devs.


Agreed, they have gone as far as providing test branches for some 3rd party devs at the moment which is great, however, they are still discussing beta testing for future releases. A lot of interesting meetings surrounding it but nothing to share yet!


I was really confused at the Twitch Q&A yesterday. I think it was Jorg Nuemann who said that they are considering doing a beta testing branch. I was like, huh? It went from a sure thing that was on the schedule for deployment, back to now they are “considering” doing a beta testing branch.


Ok, thanks. Then it’s a question I want to ask at the next Twitch Q&A. IMO, a general beta testing branch that either the entire community can opt in or not opt in (like many games out there), or a beta testing branch made up of a hundreds of testers from the community (these testers are handpicked by Asobo) is the best way to reduce the bugs for each update.

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Hi Jayne, you informed me last week that the “Clouds Pixelated and Grainy” Issue would have its status changed from “fixed” to something along the lines of “ongoing improvements”. Evidently, this has not occurred, can you confirm if this is an error? Or, does Asobo seriously consider this issue resolved and are not looking further into it?

Thank you.

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I’m sorry but it’s extremely disappointing that no mention is made at all of the severe problems that the latest update has created for a great many users.

Lots of us simply cannot use the sim now because of stutters, and lots of us are very frustrated with the continuing reduction of tree lods.

They must have seen the frustration that, yet again, has been caused by an update which should have made things better. A quick ‘looking into it’ really isn’t enough.


The fact that they are still just at the discussion stage for betas 8 months after release suggests quality control is really not a priority.


Whoops let me correct myself, you actually stated it HAD been changed to ongoing improvements…

I understand mistakes and miscommunications happen, hopefully that is the case of this.

Thanks for this. I’ll chat with the team. Hoping to make a few changes to the Feedback Snapshot in general regarding the “Ongoing Improvements” items!

Performance issues after last update need to be seriously looked at. I have never complained about the ‘title’ and have so far thoroughly enjoyed it. I guess I have been one of the lucky ones who have never had problems with the downloading, CTD, and other issues and my system is pretty good. Generally the sim works great for me with no major complaints from my end.

But after the last update I have had major performance drop with stutters and freezes,luckily no CTD as of yet. But still I think this needs to be looked into as a priority.

Devs, MS, Asobo or whoever have to look into this and appears it is not only me with this problem.

Don’t get me wrong… I still love MSFS but sometimes there are issues that definitely cannot be glossed over.