Stutter Fix - Sim Update 3

here is a stutter fix that worked for me - fixed terrible performance in VR in highly dense scenery…


good luck!


works great for me! thanks

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this should help - working well everywhere - with breathing headroom…


I’ve been using this for several months, it didn’t help me with the stutter from SU3.


I run 64GB ram and haven’t used a paging file for sims or anything else for probably a decade.

Always set to “No paging file”.

If I had an app which was filling up my ram, I’d buy more ram or reconfigure the app.

I don’t like the way paging is implemented in Windows. If you give it a paging file of any type, Windows will start paging stuff to it immediately, even though you have tons of free ram available. The only way to stoop this waste of computing time is to not give it a paging file in the first place. But then you must be sure you have enough ram to run whatever you need to run concurrently.

I started doing this years ago, and the only app which ever moaned was a very old copy of Photoshop. Even that has been fine with it since around CS4, which was a long time ago.


the problem with that, is having no paging file whatsoever can cause some apps etc to crash irrespective of how much RAM you have free, it is best to have at least a token fixed amount of ~4GB even if its on an old HDD rather than none.

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Same here. The virtual memory “fix” has been discussed numerous times and it worked for many, but not after Su3


Yer gonna need to come up with a list to prove that. :slight_smile:

I’ve been computing extensively without any swap files for at least a decade, and I use many really complex apps on several computers - sims, recording studio, graphics studio, etc. Not one of them has a problem with it.

Why would you ever want to give the computer a chance to swap your data out of ram?? Maybe back in the day when we had 8MB ram it made sense, cos the stuff was so expensive and limited.

But I’ve moved on from the '90s.


only a decade, lol, I did so for over 15 years bar a short period with XP SP3 which forced a token amount before that was fixed by MS, the past 5 years I have gravitated upwards from 1GB, then 2GB then 4GB as I have come across things that will crash or will cause windows to throw an out of memory error despite there being tens of GB of free RAM and even though windows will gravitate to using free RAM for VM, for some its because the application explicitly expects to write a small amount of data to the pagefile, for others they expect a pagefile of a given size even though they functionally write/read very little from it.

but I guess for some ignorance is bliss.

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Would be more interested in more feedback about if it helps to set the swap file as proposed instead of reading about since when you use or don’t use swap files… :wink:

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If you have a hole in your gas tank the solution is to fill it constantly at the same speed as it is emptying … Really?
No. The MSFS mechanic has to find the hole and fix it, it’s not my job, I Fly (when I can)!

Pfffiiuuuuu, but thank anyway for the workaround, not for me, I’ll drive in the meantime…


I did this after following a suggestion at Zendesk a while back. Made zero difference whatsoever in terms of performance. Until I decided to get rid of the paging file- then the sim kept CTD. If you have 32gb or more of memory, you don’t need this.

Asobo knows about the performance glitches- they’re on their end, in the code. So, there’s nothing we can do on our ends to solve it- quit trying to drive yourselves nuts looking for homemade fixes. Let them fix it, they’ll release it, and we’ll all be happy.

If you want to know what they’re doing- watch the latest developer Q&A on Twitch, and be patient:-)

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Is this fix only for the VR?

After the multiple tests that I have carried out, returning to the default NCP values, I still notice a lot of lack of fluidity in the simulator, both in cockpit view and in exterior view.
I wish we had the chance to go back to the version prior to the last update. I have managed page file to default as well and no difference.

This fix has really opened up VR for me. I am able to have almost the same settings in VR and non-VR. Almost all ultra. No stutter. Smooth as monitor view.

Thanks craigeaglefire

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IMHO No, it should be for VR and 2D. The sim seems to have a memory leak currently, or at least some sort of bad memory management, which fill memory until it crash. You have several threads for monitor sessions talking about the same issue. So increasing your swap file will push the problem later for all kind of sessions; It’s just a temporary workaround until they fix the problem…

Thanks. It works for me. I’m not sure it enhances fps but it significantly reduces stuttering and makes play smooth in the resource consuming situation like big city (Seattle) + heavy clouds (bold & brave weather preset) + a glass cockpit aircraft.

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Very nice metaphor. Hopefully they could bring improvement in memory management very soon.

This fix didn’t work for me I’m afraid. The truth is that ASOBO forked SU3 and they know they did. They have identified at least 2 areas that they messed up and are currently considering a hotfix to sort the problem. Many of us, it seems have simulators rendered virtually useless ATM so I really do hope we don’t have to wait long for the hotfix.

For those running 16GB or less, this may make a difference. I’d be surprised to see it have any effect on those running 32+ GB. I run 64 GB and have no paging file at all. I’ve never seen MSFS use up more than 20GB.