Reverse thrust broken

Yeah, toggle reverse thrust makes the thrust lever jump back and forth between max and min 5 times a second. The FlyByWire A320 has a “built in workaround” (see above), but it’s a pretty big issue for all the other reverse thrust capable planes, especially the jets.

It looks like changing time of day inside the game is also borked. (still testing)
Caravan mod makes the plane invisible from the inside… there’s a lot going on today.


I have the same problem, all jets. I mostly fly the Longitude and I noticed this is broken right away. I tried several changes to my controller, settings, etc. to no avail.
I also submitted a Zen bug report.

So, here we go again with these ■■■■ updates. Sure, add planes, all the updated airports (which???) and even “improve” functionality… but not test it.


Yep, it’s absolutely like they don’t have a testing team. Microsoft, please pay me a living wage to test all your aircraft before updates :slight_smile:


Same problem:-(

Same on Xbox

Par for the course unfortunately, first they broke autopilot, next it was altitude & speed tape, then flap drag, after that there was the issue with serious performance degradation, followed by broken Garmin systems, followed by trim that didn’t trim 100% and lets not forget the Crash-to-Desktop epidemic.


Same here… but on my Boeing 787 it is working fine… only my fighter jets it seems it is not working… also with the new F-18… i only get up to 80% power… any help with that as well??

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I don’t understand. It’s wild! They rushed to make money on DLC, but can’t fix the core game. Sounds like alot of sub-par game studios to be honest. I had my hopes up for Asobo and the like, but man… kind of making it hard to say MSFS 2020 is actually a good sim :frowning:


Yep same here. For now I’ve bound the same joy stick button to the ‘‘decrease throttle’’ function but that function lacks fine control. It’s like they don’t test all basic functionality of the sim with a check box list before pushing out an update.


I can confirm this issue on Xbox with the default A320… Haven’t tried the other default airliners

Edit… Issue also exists on the 787 and 747 as well

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Yep I did exactly same thing… It works at least but yes the lack of control Is quite anoying… Another update and bunch of newly broken things :frowning:

So if I understand it, you binded the button to both engage reverse thrust + decrease throttle?

Not exactly. I’ve removed the ‘‘Toggle throttle reverse thrust’’ binding from the button. Then I’ve bound the function ‘‘Decrease thrust’’ to that button. It works the same as the F2 key. If you now hold down that button, it will move the thrust back until you stop pressing down.


This works just fine.

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How do you switch back to normal then - just push move the throttle forward again to get positive thrust?

Exactly mate.

Indeed. When you move the throttle forward only a tiny bit it will pop out of reverse.

Thanks. Well this is annoying but that workaround seems decent.

I see, your just decreasing your throttle, but you’re not engaging reverse throttle. I really hope this fix this quickly but it seems like no more updates until February with SU8

yea, i don’t know. i think they broke the game for all jets with reverse thrust. so sad. i hope they come out with a hotfix soon