Very annoying…
Happened too many times since the last update, in some very specific locations, the fps drops from a steady 30fps to less than 1fps, and it stays that way until i return to the main menu, which takes very loooooong time…

In the meantime, my GPU is running at almost 0%, my Processor at about 20%, i sill have 50% of RAM available, temperatures are below 60°

This is clearly related to the scenery, because i saved the game when it was stuck, if i respawn elsewhere, the game is running smoothly, but if i load that saving, or if i go there again, i will encounter the same problem at the exact same place!

I tried to change view, to stop the traffic, to use planes without MFDs, nothing changes…

If someone could try fyling in that area, at 1.500ft QNH:
2° 2’47.44"E

I couldn’t find any related topic, am i the only one?

Thanks for your help!

You’re unfortunately hitting the same bug as reported here, especially at 76T airport:

Performance Degradation with Upgrade - Bugs & Issues / Performance, Graphics & CTDs - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

Report your location issue to this thread

Use the vote button to add your vote also to this thread

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Thanks mate!

The beginning of the thread is more about general FPS loss, but then, yes, it’s all about FPS drops related to locations, i’ve posted as recommanded, thanks!

I’m pretty confident for a fix coming soon, yet we could use the “Draw on Terrain” trick to begging with…

Good day!


Disabling the “Draw on Terrain” option in the dev mode, and flying then in dev mode fixes the FPS issue for me

That’s could be a turnaround for flying, waiting for the “Official fix”

Have a good day and good flying too!

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