Suffering with poor FPS after today's update? Please submit a ticket!

Something happened in this specific update. Monday - Benchmark flight 30 fps. Today - 9-15 fps. No changes to anything on PC except There are dozens of people sending tickets in and Asobo posted they know the problem. So enjoy away.

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But they’ve been saying they know about issues since September that are still around to this day, untouched. I don’t pay much attention to what they say. Talk is cheap.


Have you got a link to the post please? Thanks

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Someone told me to delete the rolling cache and restart which I did but the size went to default 8GB and this caused the Internet thrashing…I went to 32GB and the system became calmer. I just increased it to 64GB just in case. And then I had Sync on with FPs Limited to 30FPS (my old setting. But the FPS did not go beyond 15FPS in game. I used to get 30 FPS before. So I increased the FPS limit to 60FPS and now I get 30FPS in the game. (I suspect this is slowing down many people…if you have sync=on, double your FPS limit first within MSFS and retry) . The way to confirm is, right on the initial setup screen, check your FPS… is that limited? For me it was 15FPS not inside a flight, outside at the setup window, thats how I discovered this issue. The FPS in game has now halved what you have in the FPS limit under vsysnc=on/off settings.

I have the fastest 10 core Intel CPU albeit my card is a tad old (Can’t buy the 3080 or 3090 anywhere)

Same issues. Massive FPS issues and stuttering. CPU usage through the roof, GPU usage next to nothing.

Consistently ran between 30fps-60fps before without issue.

RTX 2080 Super 8GB

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Don’t know why you couldn’t do the work yourself…

There is another post more explicit that they know there is an issue. Its in one the multitude of performance threads.

Their Q&A with developers is currently live: Twitch

There’s questions from users at the end so let’s hope they acknowledge and answer about the fps issues.

No need to be an ■■■ I’m not gonna go searching through the entire forum for one post!
Thank you posting

If a question about performance is asked, they’ll say they’re looking into / investigating, say they can’t reproduce it on their end, it and give no details.


Why do that when someone will do it for you?

If its not that important, don’t ask someone else to do it for you. That’s one of rudest and most passive-aggressive things I’ve seen on these threads.

Well we shall see, but yet I’m expecting this.

I totally hope I’m wrong and they say they know what’s up and will fix it (hopefully with a hotfix). But I’m not optimistic.

My prediction is based on their history with other issues brought up to them that have been lingering since launch and are still plaguing the sim today. Call me a cynical old ■■■■■■■.

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I must admit, so far all I am hearing is “It’s on the roadmap”, “it’ll happen later” “we are aware” with no actual substance


I clearly asked politely, of you have a problem with that then that’s your problem.

Again, thanks for posting the link…

After update 42fps

Before update 66fps

Can’t get more then 60fps anywhere in the world anymore. Asobo probably gonna say this cannot be because they didn’t change anything in the graphics engine or something. Just like they said with the LOD discussion. “we didn’t change anything”

Sure… I was prety positive after UK update, but now i haven’t finished a single flight because i was to busy with getting the fps and stuttering fixed. Wonderfull update!

No real answer that is of any use to use as a user base, just ‘we’ve optimised x y and z but oh we missed this’

And they’re ‘thinking about a hotfix’

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The real problem is people being lazy. It was a simple search.

I think most of us would happily trade that 60 fps for the 15 we’re getting after the udpate. Hell, I’d happily take that 6fps loss you got over the 30 fps loss I got.

This is kind of like the multi-millionaire complaining to the poor dude on welfare that he’s angry because he lost $1000 in a bad deal


“We have a team that’s working on that”

“We are branching out into that”

“We want to implement that”

Honestly, I’m beginning to lose any faith in them to actually made this sim the brilliant platform it can be. They’re adamant on branching out, implementing new things all the time while the basics are completely broken.

They try to juggle with that many different things that they end up dropping everything.


Not surprised to hear that. It’s been the de facto standard so far. Talk without saying anything.