Suffering with poor FPS after today's update? Please submit a ticket!

I think this has something to do with data. I had exactly the same issue. After the update the first flight my FPS dropped after 10 mins to around 5-10 (usually I get 45) then the sim crashed to the desktop. I then restarted the PC and then FS2020. Looked in the data tab and noticed that the rolling cache was set to 8GB. I have always had this set to 30GB so the update has done this. I changed it back to 30GB and it’s been fine ever since. Still need to test a few more flight to be sure. I realise this fix may not work for everyone and this may not even be the whole issue but it has worked for me.

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Yes - lowering render scaling reduces GPU usage, and at the times some are experiencing fps drops, the GPU usage is already artificially low (as there seems to be a lag in the pipeline).

My cpu is now running at 98-99 celsius before update 77-78
I know 77-78 is also a bit high but that was always so with the intel 7700k
Had to stop playing MSFS 2020 back to X-Plane

Tried X Plane 11 in VR around 77 celsius so msfs is broken

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I tried disabling all online functionality, traffic, ground vehicles, etc as well as lowering resolution via both render scale and actual screen res and dropping all my settings to LOW. No effect at all on my performance. Not even with all those things turned down / off simultaneously. CPU was still pegged out at 100% on main thread while GPU was less than 10% used.

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My CPU is well cooled and never broke 60 degrees prior. EVER. Not even when I’m running all CPU computations with my astrophotography processing tools which lock all 16 threads at 100% for sometimes hours at a time on large data sets.

The UK update was the first time I saw my CPU above 60 in 2 years of owning this PC, hovering about 70-75. I’m now running above 80 since yesterday’s patch.

A bug report and Zendesk have already been created by me.

Zendesk Ticket. Request #96720 Extreme Performance Degradation with update


Zendesk ticket send.

I have done the following tests:
I always fly in 4k ultra settings.
Lowering the scaling render to 50, I get the same fps as 4k.
Lowering the resolution to 1920 * 1080, I get the same fps as 4k.

This update is broken, an immediate hot fix is needed.
Also, I have noticed an exceptional increase in ram consumption since this update.



Which we won’t get. And we’ll be lucky to see this fixed in even the next update. They didn’t do jack after the reports of drastic performance decrease in the UK update either. They just did more of the same and made it worse.


I also tried turning all data off. Even did that and disconnected my internet. Still game-crushing frame rates. Its basically unplayable right now. I sure wish we could roll back versions.


that’s the word “unplayable”. I tried flying a few times this morning and it was constant torture with drastic fps drop for long periods of time

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Confessions of a dumb simmer, I run a simple Lenovo 7i with an RTX 2070 Max, 16 GB RAM 2 Tb NvMe, just Windows 10 Pro and MSFS2020, X-Plane 11 in it, nothing else, all drivers up to date. I don’t have any of the problems mentioned in this thread, my Saitek Panels work (Multipanel and Radio), Alpha Yoke, Bravo Throttle, no problems, no CTD’s, no stutters, also no fancy Mods; if a plane has any problems I don’t use it, I don’t waste time with Commercial (X- Plane for that) and I won’t buy any extra planes for at least another year, I fly cross-country, I land IFR, don’t care about ATC, is not real anyway, see the world in VFR, and my resolution of 1920 x 1080 is good enough for me in my 32 in display, I also use Plan G or Littlenavmap depending in what type of flight I’m doing.

I enjoy this sim for what I get out of it, I wonder why so many people have so many problems. This forum is not the best to find out about problems with your hardware , which I think is the main cause of the troubles with the sim. Some planes are not 75%, some are not 50%, here is where Asobo needs to work, we already have pretty scenery to fly.

And that is my opinion, I hope all your problems get solved.


Something happened in this specific update. Monday - Benchmark flight 30 fps. Today - 9-15 fps. No changes to anything on PC except There are dozens of people sending tickets in and Asobo posted they know the problem. So enjoy away.

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But they’ve been saying they know about issues since September that are still around to this day, untouched. I don’t pay much attention to what they say. Talk is cheap.


Have you got a link to the post please? Thanks

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Someone told me to delete the rolling cache and restart which I did but the size went to default 8GB and this caused the Internet thrashing…I went to 32GB and the system became calmer. I just increased it to 64GB just in case. And then I had Sync on with FPs Limited to 30FPS (my old setting. But the FPS did not go beyond 15FPS in game. I used to get 30 FPS before. So I increased the FPS limit to 60FPS and now I get 30FPS in the game. (I suspect this is slowing down many people…if you have sync=on, double your FPS limit first within MSFS and retry) . The way to confirm is, right on the initial setup screen, check your FPS… is that limited? For me it was 15FPS not inside a flight, outside at the setup window, thats how I discovered this issue. The FPS in game has now halved what you have in the FPS limit under vsysnc=on/off settings.

I have the fastest 10 core Intel CPU albeit my card is a tad old (Can’t buy the 3080 or 3090 anywhere)

Same issues. Massive FPS issues and stuttering. CPU usage through the roof, GPU usage next to nothing.

Consistently ran between 30fps-60fps before without issue.

RTX 2080 Super 8GB

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Don’t know why you couldn’t do the work yourself…

There is another post more explicit that they know there is an issue. Its in one the multitude of performance threads.

Their Q&A with developers is currently live: Twitch

There’s questions from users at the end so let’s hope they acknowledge and answer about the fps issues.

No need to be an ■■■ I’m not gonna go searching through the entire forum for one post!
Thank you posting

If a question about performance is asked, they’ll say they’re looking into / investigating, say they can’t reproduce it on their end, it and give no details.