Suffering with poor FPS after today's update? Please submit a ticket!

You and the other mods are doing a great job despite difficult circumstances. Hope the Dev team is able to isolate the issue and get a fix rolled out in a way that makes most sense.

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Great data Gordon - thanks for sharing. This is where an opt-in beta program would pay dividends.


Don’t they have a second line support? Btw I was second line support for 4 years. We had our firstline that answered the basic questions, then a secondline who was much more technical and could dive deeper into some frequent problems. We’d have dev meetings (too much in my opinion :wink: )

Interesting that comment Andy.
When I load Headcorn as the airfield I take off from its all stutters and low frame rates about 10-12 until I clear the area then it is ok. If I return to the airfield to land its all stutters again.
Here’s the interesting bit. If I select Lydd to take off from I have no issues. If I then fly to Headcorn it’s absolutely fine. No stutters and good frame rates. I can even land taxi back up to the runway and take off again without any issues.
I’ve tried it several times and it’s exactly the same outcome.
Do you use the Headcorn and Lydd addons

I do have BB Headcorn and Lydd, but it doesn’t matter if I have that scenery loaded, or the default scenery loaded. I’ve flown from Lydd, and the default Biggin Hill, frame rates dive when I get near, and that’s even with default scenery and aircraft. I was so frustrated a couple of days ago, that I actually uninstalled every remnant of MSFS, and did a fresh installation of MSFS (took most of the day), so with no addons and a fresh install, it’s still the same.

Overall since the last update, I’ve lost around 5-10 FPS overall, so have lowered most of my settings down to medium, with a few on high with render scaling down to 80% (not ideal), which has given me back the lost frames. I did have most settings on ultra, but every time I fly near Headcorn, the frame rate dives. I’ve also had the problem at other areas, on approach to Gatwick the frame rate also took a dive.

For all that have experience bad performance after last update please submit a ticket and vote on issue:

Here’s something interesting. I was flying the Modded CJ4, maximized the MFD using the ALT key and then minimized it to the bottom of the screen. Although the CPU/GPU still was showing the issue, my FPS remained high and the sim was much more playable.


See my posts for detail.

  • Happens in the less complex places possible even with online functionality off → no complexity left.
  • Is bullet proof 100% reproducible by different users at different locations on different systems.

Note the places over the sea where it happens, make a route, fly again and it will happen again at exact the same coordinates. Again and again and again.


It would be nice if Asobo would ‘hold our hands’ through this dilemma. Give us more frequent updates on what they are finding and if a hot fix is to be released. This is like having a family member in the hospital and getting no information from the staff.


Thanks for checking that. I also tried it again after restarting the sim and still the same issue. I have also found the same problem in more areas since. Flying through the valley on a heading of about 55 degrees from 42U Morgan County Utah brought on the most extreme example yet. My FPS dropped from my smooth VSYNC 30 down to 7 and remained at 7 until I came out the other side several minutes later - then right back to 30 FPS. Turning back 180 degrees and they drop again.

I also experienced it to a lesser extent but still with severe stutters in an area southwest of CYKZ Buttonville Ontario. For me and many others it seems this is totally location based regardless of dense or rural scenery or photogrammetry.

Some suggest a memory leak, but my total ram use is always well within limits when this happens and I do not see any evidence of the swap file being used. Only difference is all of my CPU cores spike upward and the GPU load drops.

Hope we get a fix sooner rather than later.

I think when they know, we’ll know. The issues were being investigated last week, so I’d imagine we’ll get an update soon.

same here… turning off onlline and my fps goes back to identical fps that i enjoyed prior to update.

Currently I have MP off and by reducing LOD and OLD I can get almost the same performance as before SU3. This is with the latest windows update uninstalled, haven’t tried to reinstall it yet as I can enjoy playing again instead of having to fiddle with settings to get a decent fps.
Still there are some problem areas that never work well. I find that Bologna is one of them - by comparison I can fly over Tokyo or Paris with stable fps.
This is in VR.
I submitted a ticket and they said they are investigating and to turn render to 80% until they find a solution

I think they are keeping quiet hoping it will all go away. Their communication skills are somewhat lacking.


If this is there strategy they are even less competent than I thought. What will go away is there customers.


short sighted comment

I was somewhat fortunate. I did the dreaded “Steam Verify Files”. As expected, I was required to re-download the entire game over again.

While this didn’t fix my slow performance or stutters, it gained me enough frames to make the sim somewhat playable. Playing in the low to mid 20s isn’t the most enjoyable experience, but at least I can get in the air now. And it’s closer to the performance I was getting after the UK update.

But it’s a far cry from the 40+ I was getting before the UK update.

I am running hot as well. I think I’m going to take a break from the sim so that I don’t harm my hardware investment.

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Here’s everything I did, a couple of weeks ago, and performance is around 25-30fps on 4k HDR Ultra

Hmmmm maybe, but bear in mind this sim will always be able to work your CPU to its limit, we’re all pushing the graphics as high as we can. Efficient cooling is a must, particularly if you’re a hardcore simmer

I’ve got a Ryzen 7 5800x with H100x cooler, working hard with FS2020 sitting at constant 4.8GHz (no overclock), I’m pretty much always CPU main thread limited, but I can fly for 4 hours and CPU temps are never over 55°!! (I just checked after tonight’s flight!)