Performance Degradation with Upgrade

This am for KHOU to KBOI was terrible for most of Texas - I had one stretch where the 2-3 FPS last a good 5 mins. Once I got to about Colorado its smoothed out to its generally not so good most of the rest of the way…then on final in Boise again right around the runway awful until just a little before the threshold. I hadnt done much flying in the US lately and it appears to be worse there then anywhere else I have seen. Waiting to see if there is anymore communication this week on this - hoping so but I am not holding my breath. Something is wrong if its still “Investigating” - by now Asobo should have some idea what the issue is. The more appropriate response at this time would be “We know what it is but its going to take time to fix”

Just had 3 great days of perfectly smooth flying. Today it’s unplayable. Slideshows everywhere after a couple of minutes of flying. I have touched absolutely nothing.

That is exactly right. Each update has introduced problems that have mostly been ignored and now they have compounded into a total mess. If I was MS, some heads would roll, figuratively speaking, so as not to upset the gentle types here.

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exactly! it’s not the hardware it’s the software, i can run the xplane 11 with several third-party addons in the background at an average of 40 stable and fluid fps. I can run any other game in ultra, some I can even raise the resolution to 2k. I don’t understand the people on this forum, hundreds of posts reporting the same problem and some people insist that the problem is my computer. As I said the fs2020 inherited problems from the fsx and fs2004, the lack of CPU management is what causes the bottleneck in this simulator, always a single nucleus is stressed to the maximum and the others are as auxiliaries, which is why even more setups potent has difficulties in extracting frames from larger frames, even if it is no longer directx 9 like fsx and has support for dx11 which can handle 4 cores well, the game does not seem to be right wue there are more colors to divide the load between each other.


I can’t be bothered to read through 967 :slight_smile: posts so this might have been mentioned before but for me performance is now is back before the UK update and is great.

What fixed performance for me was following this video which I had done before but the last patch had reset the change. I must admit though I only usualy fly in rural areas with GA planes.

Let me know if you try this how you get on. :+1:
Microsoft Flight Simulator | Stuttering From Last Update | Fixed!!!

Ah just noticed @BrawnierHook18 has posted earlier, sorry about that.

This will save you from watching that video.

It solves nothing. Here we are talking about a serious bug that everyone has. Just try the areas mentioned. Nobody is exempt from it. Thanks anyway :wink:


I couldn’t ever categorically say it does nothing. But what I can categorically say is that I got the stutters 10 miles into my first flight after implementing the “fix”. Perhaps it makes it occur less often, I don’t know, but it doesn’t eliminate that totally. It doesn’t seem to cause any harm either.

Maybe it’s a bit like taking a “PIRIN” tablet.:wink:

Ok, thanks @LoryBlues will do and I’ll report back.

Just want to add my name to the list. I definitely considered myself in the “no issues” category earlier, but I finally took a flight out of 76T today. 2 FPS, max. So - this is real.

I really hope Asobo can use 76T as a test case to find the root cause.

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for me the issue is definitely somehow coming from “Manipulators” section of Dev Mode FPS top-right panel. And yes, I switched OFF Multiplayer and did Full Screen optimization OFF trick. These “Manipulators” are not “fluent” and have breaks each “3 mm?” :slight_smile:

Is there a thread that lists all problem areas as experienced by users? A thread just for that could be useful so that people can at least avoid them and enjoy a bit of the sim until the issue is hopefully solved?

Not easily organized but at least its a start…

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Where is Asobo in all this?

Flying around Japan this week (well, trying) on my 3080 and FPS dropped from 30 to TEN at Nagasaki, Kobe and Kansai airports. Impossible to line up with runway at this FPS. Screw this!

In the last two days the sim crashes on me after every restart. Can somebody please do something to help us?

Nothing is fixed with that.

This may help with some other sorts of stutters but doesn’t change anything about the problem introduced with the recent update. I have that “fix” applied and the sim still just randomly drops from 40fps to around 10fps, which lasts for about 3-5 minutes and then goes back to normal. It’s worse around photogrammetry areas but also happens in the boonies. It can happen after 10 minutes of flying, after 20, maybe 30, but it definitely happens (and didn’t before Sim Update 3).

There is no magic bullet to fix it with Windows settings or other placebos. The only way to get it fixed is a patch by Asobo. They already confirmed that it’s an issue introduced by their work on performance optimizations and no wishful thinking will change that. :wink:


Delete the folder : SceneryIndexes to see if it can start properly . The sim will automatic rebuild that folder fresh when we start it . Hope it helps . Or if you afraid deleting it . Just cut and paste it somewhere in case . But I don’t think so because I often delete it to let the sim build fresh indexes .


Is there a fix to those horrible performance numbers since last update ?

This is crazy that the game is broken after each update…

I’m french and like what Asobo did, but come on… I lost between 15-20 FPS in 4K with my RTX 3080 and 3900X… There is so much stutter on top of it that I don’t play anymore.

Something is happening with the Main Thread as my 3080 never reaches 100% usage anymore like before… And I have same performance in 1080p or 4K… WTF ? Update launched several weeks ago no changes !


I have that same problem with the game. 20-30 FPS less than on previous version with many stutters. Poor usage of CPU and GPU. There nothing we can do with this problem. We must wait for new update with hope that these problems will be resolve.

Unfortunately not.

We’re all just waiting. The community has been through all the possibilities pretty exhaustively and there doesn’t seem to be anything we can do our end. So we’re all just waiting. And playing other games. And waiting.