Performance DLSS 3 with NFG

What a ■■■■… with the fenix 100 FPS with dlss3 and next frame generation… unbelievable… LOD on 300. live traffic on… clouds ultra… asobo and ms… a huge thank you… this is an absolute game changer !!!

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Now if only all of us could afford the 4090 that’d be awesome :slightly_smiling_face:. I do hope the DLSS 3 feature makes it to VR.

yes, with the 4090 and next frame generation, that’s what we all wanted for years… it runs so smoothly… I think that’s the future for all flight simmers!!!

While I agree with this, there’s already frame interpolation in VR and it works very well especially with Nvidia’s latest driver 526.86 on SteamVR and OpenVR platforms and soon with the Varjo headsets. Lets hope DLSS 3 frame generation tech can make it to VR though, it will surely offer the best version of frame interpolation yet.

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Just got a 4080, everything on ultra and with DLAA + Frame Gen, and I’m getting 100~fps at KJFK.

Simply lovely.

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Yea… nice… do you agree that this is a new feeling to fly? :wink:

Yep, after using a laptop for a decade I can now enjoy flying.