Performance drop 15-20% after World Update 3 (

Let me know. I have rolling cache off. Tried it with on and saw zero difference. A few others in other forums said MS servers are completely whacked right now – but have no clue if that’s legit.

Stay warm! These last few days were insane.

We are getting another round of ice right now.

Yikes! We just had that last night - got another 4" of snow on top of 4" from Monday. Be safe!!!

My GPU load just suddenly dropped to like 30% which brought my FPS right down in the A320, also noticing more micro stutters since the update, anyone else?


First I thought it was limited to the new UK scenery (London) but it´s everywhere. I wonder if it´s related to Radeon graphics? I have a 5700X and previously run on ultra smoothly.

Now it´s stutters all over and fps down to 9 sometimes… (no AI, etc), not really playable anymore.

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The update was 26GB without England, a fourth of the original code. So what kind of freaking snags was there to fix ? A look at the release notes and there is nothing major. The rest of the update was on the MS server side.

I must admit in my second run after the patch i didnt notice “massive” FPS drops (unlike first play) but i think performance is generally worse especially over dense building. I think also my eyes get tired quickly with this v-sync on. I suggest back to the graphic settings before the patch.

I’m still having issues. This thing was stuttering so bad it became intolerable. I’ve tried everything I can think of. So, I’m taking a break and getting some stick time in my A350XWB in X-Plane. I’ll putz with this thing some more tomorrow, when hopefully I will have a clear head and not a headache.

Same here. Smooth before update…i9 10850k no OC…rtx 3080…no OC…64gigs ram…stutter show now. I noticed in Dev mode that manipulators skyrocket along with main thread. Main thread was always bottle necked, but only by a few digits. Now it has tripled. Happening in both Ga and Airliners. I have be fortunate with pass updates experiencing no issues. Not this time :tired_face:

Same problem here. RTX 2060 8GB, 16GB DDR i7 9750. Was getting 40fps+ before the update in High End settings. After the update the textures look all grainy and I am getting between 10-20 fps. What has happened with this update?

Seeing some performance troubles too and seeing this thread I will give some observations if it helps. After the update yesterday, the first flight was from EIDW to EGLL and perfect. No issues with performance (Win10 20H2 (Jan updates only), 8700K @ 4GHz, 32GB, 1080Ti driver v457.30) The 2nd flight, a few hours later, was EIDW - EGBB. While approaching over Birmingham, UK into EGBB at 4,000ft the frames went from the usual 35fps down to 11 fps and GPU latency went from 30-40ms to 80ms. It stayed that way for a few minutes but recovered , so thought not much of it as it was first time over that area and could have been photogrammetry data loading (although over London on the previous flight it did not slow down). But just now doing RJTT to RJOO, while taxing to the runway the same performance degradation occurred. I waited a few minutes to see if it would return to normal but no dice. Played around with graphics settings, full / window mode but it was the same. So took off with 11 fps and from about 1 mile out or RJTT, the performance returned to normal but during the cruise over sparse ground and ocean) fps again down to 13 fps and 70ms latency for another couple minutes before going back to normal. Will see how prevalent this is, so far its sometimes noticeable and a bit of an annoyance.

Same here. Flying around LAX and where I used to get 45-50+ FPS with not even micro stutters, it’s now literally impossible to fly around. We’re talking hang times of 1-2 seconds every few seconds.

I guess it’s the usual with Asobo. Need patches to fix the patches.

Yes. More micro stutters, even in simple aircraft and rural areas.

I had exactly the same experience and discovered that there appears to be performance leakage. I flew over the same area as you near Birmingham.
I have a 3090 and a 5900x and 32gb ram.
Flying in the x Cub Crafter, my in cockpit fps dropped from 48 down to 15fps. If I jump to external view it’s back at 48fps. As soon as I go back into cockpit it drops to 15. But then I touched the range knob on the GPS and my fps in cockpit jumped to 48fps again and then slowly started dropping off back to 15fps again. Play with thr range knob in the cub and see if you get a similar effect. It definitely is bringing my performance back up again (only for a couple of seconds). I also noticed that when my performance tanks, my cpu usage drops from 40% down to 13% and my gpu usage drops from 100% down to about 35%. This also shot up as soon as I fiddled with the range knob on the GPS. Asobo, please look into this? The above problem is in 2D. Also in VR my performance is much worse than before the update. I have a reverb G2 and now cannot hold 30fps where I could before. I’m at 23fps on average which is way too stuttery for vr. I have also noticed an introduction of micro stutters. What a mess!

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Same thing happens on Approach to KLGB airport runway 30, and seems to be bad East of airport and heading towards LAX/Compton after flying in from South.

Lots of freezes, was nice flying here before.

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freeze in france too 15-20 fps during 10 seconds then back to normal 50fps.


Definitely not a Radeon thing. I have 3080 and it’s been miserable to play the last 3 days.

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I messaged one of our community mods and he’s going to escalate to see what the issue might be. Fingers crossed.

Escalated the issue. To help reproduce if you all can post your computer specs and specific instances where performance drops. Thanks!


I have this going on at times over big cities and my CPU is also partly responsible An i7 7700 and 3080 is not necessarily a good pair.