Performance drop 15-20% after World Update 3 (

I have to say that I am very disappointed by this new update. My graphical performance took a dive every where. I have a “lowly” RX570/8GB/OC card but previously with a bit of tuning it was running beautifully on HIGH settings. Now the graphics are so choppy that I had to bring it back to MED. Even then, the scene is still choppy. Forget about the new England locations, it is unbearably lagging as well.

That with the manual caching killed, it is no fun anymore flying even with low settings just to go by. This is a disaster and I wish I could go back to the previous version.

Frames go to the basement. Update makes everything worse


Strange. I have an RX580 8GB factory clocked + Ryzen 5 2600 and I’m on Global Low at a rock steady 50 most places I fly. It actually got better somewhere between January and February. That’s not too far off from your setup GPU wise.

Turning down Offline AI Traffic and Live Weather OFF helped tons. Heck, I can even run Medium Clouds (yeah) with no FPS impact. The clouds, Terrain LOD at 50 and 80 Render are the only changes from Global Low settings.

its actually better for me now.

Yes I have done all those tricks but you should be running HIGH with your setup (same cpu). Multiplayer ON is also a killer. This update is really bad.


Are you running Nvidia btw ?

I’ve experienced FPS drops but I’m pretty certain its because the game servers are under a lot of pressure streaming the same area of the world. Thats my theory anyway. I’ve had 45FPS over London and right down to 15FPS too. Its been all over the place.

i7 7700
RTX 3080

Nah. I love having 50+ fps as I start a descent. I’m looking more for line-up and descent rate, not gawking at someone’s house on the side.

What drives me crazy is at flight critical phases (takeoff, under 500 AGL, landing), if I capped myself at 30 fps to buy more eye candy, I could tell immediately when I’m dropping frames - just as I’m approaching threshold, and the trees are forming a visual corridor around me - when I start at 50 and drop to 43, it’s totally unnoticable. I’m looking for a Fluid flying experience. The scenery is good enough to keep my immersion since it looks like the real world at VFR altitudes. Everything else is just overhead. I’m here to fly a good circuit or hop. Making the needles dance to my tune is where the magic is, and you can’t really get that kind of fluid performance giving up frames to eye candy.


Since the beginning in August, I limit the FPS in Nvidia CPL, because this helped to reduce stutters in the past. So I can’t tell the difference in FPS and I didn’t do any detailed tests yet.

From the first moment after the update, everything felt much more stable and smooth. No more stutters!

But what I also noticed: The VFR map can cause serious FPS drops. Disabling the VFR map completely (using the custom toolbar menu) helps in this case.

My performance crashed with the update. Smooth as butter yesterday, stutters galore today…even on low settings.


as an Nvidia customer I would say the graphics got some improvements and it became more stable with increased fps

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I have a 2080ti (ultra/high settings 4k) and yesterday was overall very smooth. Yes, the first pass of London (in a A320) I noticed the slight loading of the photosym buildings, but it did not take away from the smoothness of flight. BTW, the moving London Eye is totally cool!
Subsequent passes over downtown were very smooth, with online players like fireflies in the sky! I headed up to Scotland to check out Edinburgh and the bridges (cool). Smooth landing, then while taxiing to the ramp I noticed it getting laggy/choppy. Then, after 15 seconds it became super smooth again. (I suspect a coding issue with the a320FBW). I took off for John Lennon in Liverpool, smooth flying again, with live weather and even a rainbow on departure. Third leg, Liverpool back to Heathrow. Smooth all the way until taxiing to the ramp where it became laggy again. I had enough with the Neo and changed to the 152. Completely smooth again with maxed out settings and live weather.
It was only a few hours of flying, but so far I suspect some kind of optimization happened (Vsync or something that I read on another post…)


My performance has tanked with this update as well, and apparently, those of us who are now experiencing poor performance are in the minority. I’ve gone through all settings and deleted my Rolling cache, and then set up a new one. I don’t have a manual cache (never have due to my Fibre optic 1024gb internet speed). The only thing I can think of are the servers are getting slammed right now.


GOD BLESS you for posting this. I just posted this in another thread – thought I was going insane.

Any one else, specifically in Texas, dealing with major performance issues? I can’t for the life of me figure out what is going on.

Issue: Barely get 7 fps flying over London
Multiple planes

I’ve switched from 4k to 2k to even 1080 - barely a single difference.

This points me to must be network related – just did a speedtest and at 800mb/s (I have fiber) so I thought maybe because we got killed in this winter storm and power outages are all over Texas, maybe it was the network.

But doesn’t seem affected.

Finally, thought it was my 3080 RTX card – maybe it’s dying? Nope, just played Destiny 2 and I’m getting 100fps on 4k.

What is going on? Any suggestions? Any one else?

Worse, I just spent half the day resetting my new 3080 card and re-over clocking it – no difference whatsoever. I am pretty confident it’s not my PC.

What is going on Asobo?
@moderators - any uptick in tickets on performance?

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Will also say that it’s not just london. Barely getting 10fps over Dallas. All of this started Monday for me.

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Where are you located, David?

I am having the exact same issues and it’s driving me nuts - last 3 days.

I am confirm. In my case, after the update FPS over undemanding city terrain often drops drastically (even to 1-2 FPS). Before the patch it was smooth (medium / high settings). I have Radeon 5600 XT. I think something can be wrong with v-sync. Before the patch i off the v-sync(not limited by fps) and works great (smooth), now i must v-sync on to have a proper graphic but these drops make flying unpleasant. Pls do something with this.


what are you settings and PC setttings, please?

This is driving me insane - so hoping community can get Asobo’s attention on this. High-end rigs should not be experiencing 7 fps on ULTRA like I have (and others in this thread). It’s insane.

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Jeff, I’m not far from you in Central Mississippi. We also got nailed by that last winter storm that hit you and all of my family. I’m about to check one more thing. When I reset my rolling cache, I upped it to 100gb. I’m going to try decreasing it back to where it was.

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Funny, I did the same thing as you. I use to have Vsync off and there was barely any tearing and smooth sailing. After the update, a lot of tearing, so I set Vsync ON. It does clear it but generate now a lot of stuttering. (btw I use 1080p).
“… but these drops make flying unpleasant”. Agree !

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