Performance hotfix possibly arriving today

He’s not missing the point and most sensible people would agree with you. That’s just not how Microsoft operates though.

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What I’m saying is the people who do the communicating with us (CMs) aren’t the ones calling the shots. They can’t say jack until they’re told by their direct chain of command that it’s time to release information. They could have known about this for days now. They can’t even suggest something is coming without being given the authorization to do it, or they’ll be finding themselves unemployed.

Now, the PR folks calling the shots at MS - that’s another story.

That wouldn’t change much. People would just constantly be asking what the state of the update is. Like kids in a car who constantly ask “are we there yet?”.

An oddity amongst many oddities around here :man_shrugging:

That’s my point.

Okay… I am just interested to know your reasoning for that statement, and whether you’re referring to their handling of the current performance issues?

From my perspective:

9 days ago there was a news post directly addressing the performance issues and telling us it was being investigated

7 days ago the dev update included a the updated snapshot saying that the performance issues are being investigated, with a release ASAP.

It’s now 7 days later, in line with expected regular news updates from them, and we are due a dev update imminently. Jorg has been seen via emails saying he will write something for this dev update.

That seems very transparent to me. But maybe you are referring to something else that has been dismissive or misleading?

Or god forbid, they would need more time than Thursday. That just puts alot of pressure on them to push out the update.

MS can be terribly difficult to deal with when it comes to information not authorized for release. It’s like being in a military hierarchy. I was part of a partnership project years ago that involved MS and my employer that ultimately failed. I’m still under NDA and can’t breathe a word about it.

Yea I wasn’t referring to the current performance issues I was talking about the entirely going back before the launch and everything since then.

At what point do you think they knew they would be ready Thursday? Has it been released? Is it possible that Thursday will come and go and the patch will be renamed 3/27? They have made the mistake of putting too fine a point on something and when the tip breaks the community goes mad. Look what happened when there was a couple hour delay in releasing WU3.

They are ■■■■■■ if the do and ■■■■■■ if they don’t.


Dam they did it again … this is getting old real fast …

But… they have done that! See my post above!

Again, I’m sorry if you think you deserve to be treated like you work for asobo… but we’ve been told they are working on it, and that it is a priority for release ASAP.

There are weekly updates, the last update was a week ago, the next one is due today.

Do you want updates every 3 days? Daily? Why?

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Considering the patch isn’t live yet, that’s a distinct possibility. If they found issues last minute, it will be delayed and those slides and the dev update will be updated accordingly.

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And they will be raked over the coals because “they said it was gonna be out Thursday”, based on a leaked document.


While I would never wish misfortune on anyone, I have a real appreciation for poetic justice.

There’s a part of me that wishes that the patch (whenever it releases) fixes the issues for people that currently have an unplayable sim, but at the same time breaks things horribly for the white knights and the trolls that like to come into threads announcing how their sim works fine and that problems are the other users’ fault.


At least they didn’t say, "we’re sorry some of you have been experiencing a bit of turbulence ". :laughing:

It was more like rapid decompressure and unscheduled disassembly.

I’ve been in communications all my career and you never get damned for being open and honest - and over communicating. If you don’t know, you say what you know, and say what you don’t know… you don’t say nothing. Unfortunately, most people in communications think like you.

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“We have listened to the community and have responded; all of the airliners will now work at 120fps, the ground scenery is FSX quality but trees are now visible as far as Mars”



Wow, just because someone says my experience is different than yours (i.e. it’s not all stuttery and low FPS) doesn’t make them a troll. I agree if they do it in an obnoxious manner yes, but it can be easy to misread intent in a forum like this, especially with tempers flaring. If someone’s experience is different than yours it doesn’t mean it isn’t valid.


Except many people aren’t simply saying that there experience was different. Many people I’ve personally dealt with have insisted that I have “junk” on my PC and that I should do a proper “cleaning” before laying blame at Asobo, and that the issue is certainly on my end. I’m totally fine with those people experiencing issues the next update so they can learn a bit of humility and realize that these updates routinely break stuff for users.

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