Performance - Intermittent LOW Frame rates (5-10)

I’m doing work in dev mode, but this happens with that mode off. The fps suddenly go to 5-10 fps, then later back up to my normal 60. I don’t see anything happening that would “trigger” this behavior and it just started a few days AFTER the update (so I doubt it was the update). Is anybody else experiencing this problem, if so, have you been able to resolve it? Thank you.

Yes, I am also seeing something similar to this after the latest update. No other changes to my system, but getting massive fps drops out of nowhere. My sim was completely smooth before, never had any issues with pauses or stutters.

Literally unflyable in this state for me as the FBW and vatsim clients require a minimum fps to function correctly.

I have a separate post on this and I have raised it with support desk

Can you keep us posted if you hear from support? Last night, cleared the local cache, the scenery cache and the rolling cache. Did deep virus scan last night (tracking cookies). Put in latest driver for Nvidia and tweaked it for max performance for the SIM. I can watch frame rates and have task master running watching CPU usage. The problem comes and goes about every minute without me doing anything in the SIM (just sitting in the runway)…and the CPU usage doesn’t spike during the event. it happens with any plane, glass cockpit or not. Today I’m firing up P3D and see if the prob happens. That would confirm if reject that the problem is in my computer. This did happen after the update, but only 2 nights ago (not right away) when I was making scenery with the developer. So I can’t rightly blame the update. My normal fps is 60, I am at 5-10 when the event occurs.

Update: I just ran P3D V5 for 1/2 hour watching the frame rates. They are steady. So I don’t have a “computer-wide” local problem. It is only happening with FS2020.

something that comes and goes every minute, you doing nada, maybe traffic? or can be
an external program doing background stuff?
check your resource monitor too .
i do not have those issues at all.

I can confirm they have added to a tracker - thats all.
I am still getting massive drops in frame rates - does not matter if I turn off traffic and weather. Still stutters and stops. Its by far the worse I have seen it and I have had it pretty good till now.

I’m on a team of people with RTMM … none of those that are using FS2020 are seeing the problem either. I wonder if the new 013 SDK has a glitch? I did re-install that … but I re-installed because I was having the problem (I had 013 before). I didn’t see any problems when I first updated to 013. So I don’t think this problem is hitting everybody.

I have seen an improvement by resetting my Nvidia graphics card back to the default settings. Using the latest driver of course. That seems has stopped a lot of the stutters and pauses. Not all of them though.
Before I had specific option switched on in the graphics card but I’ve been using since the start of msfs. For example I had power management set to maximum performance. Now even more back to default it seems ok.