Performance is even better with the new patch

Never dropping below 59fps for me the performance has improved even more


Doesn’t that depend on the situation? Location, weather, time, multiplayer activity, ai? How can you know for sure, have you created the exact same conditions to come to this conclusion?


How much has it improved? How many fps were there before the patch? And with nearly the same settings? Location, plane, time, etc?

Definate fps improvement here… 30-35fps prior to the update… 55-60 fps now and that was low level flight in Japan.

Having a 100% FPS increase is too much to be realistic. Check your settings haven’t been changed, and be sure you’re comparing apples to apples. Different amounts of buildings, weather etc impact FPS drastically.


Yes, i have noticed that the graphics are worse than before but my settings are the same as before. (everything on ultra and renderscale 200)

I set the renderscale on 100%, saved and then set it to 200% and voila it is beautiful again. Check your render scaling if it is above 100%. My FPS after the patch at the same location around 24fps and before around 17fps but only because the wrong renderscaling displayed in the graphic settings.

So no improvement for me, now on around 17fps again.

settings remain the same as before, sorry to be the bearer of good news


Renderscale 200? Why. It,s a really FPS hog, no need for better than 100% if you have 1440p monitor you can use 90%

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For example, I have less fps now. :unamused: The latest nvidia driver may cause this problem.

No change, same

Seemed smoother after the last patch - then slowly back to norm. Wonder if its server side. Less people playing bc more downloading. Idk. Few of my friends as well have noticed this

Yes you are right - it is. I have a 27" 1080p monitor and it looks blurry at 100%.Maybe my Monitor isn’t the best (Acer XF270H). Renderscaling 150% is also okay but not as sharp as 200%. But 150% is my setting for large citys.

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Schiphol runway 24 … clear skies … A320 … Live traffic ON … 12.00

Pre 27 - 32
After 37 - 40 ( I capped at 40 in Nvidia menu )

Laptop I7 … 5.1 Ghz ( UNDERvolted to 4.1 max )
GTX 2070 Max-Q

for me no performance gain i think at night i have at EDDH 18 to 24 fps on the ground and 26 to 30 in the air on low to medium settings

i agree mine went up 10fps…!

No change here, but I was flying in a heavy thunderstorm with brilliant lightning. That’s new!

Flying over my home town of San Diego, (as per usual) I am logging 10-12 FPS higher than pre-patch.
I can’t say I am overly enamored with the new water textures, however. They seem a bit “contrived” to me, but I can live with it. I do wish they would revert to the same textures as were present in the initial release.
So far, so good…