Performance issues with (relatively) good specs [5600X & 3060 RTX]

Hello everybody,

For the last months I’ve been experimenting with tweaking the graphics settings, without finding a solid configuration that provides both visual quality and performance. I’ve tried various guides I’ve found online as well as experimented with my own values, but I think that on all cases, the overall the performance given my specs is not as expected.

The issue is not only the FPS, but also the stutters that are occurring. To be honest, the stuttering is what bothers me the most. Of course, performance depends on various factors such as addons, weather e.t.c but comparing my system to similar systems I’ve seen online, I would say that my PC is underperforming.

For the sake of the argument, I’ve tested the performance with the Fenix A320, parked on gate A19 on virtualFRA EDDF and with the weather preset set to “Scattered Clouds”. To simplify even more, I’ll include the measurements using the graphic settings presets “Ultra” and “Low-End”. I believe it’s really weird that the gain from downgrading from ultra to low is ~10 FPS.

The rest of the settings are the following:

In the NVIDIA Control Panel I’ve reset all settings to default:

Measurements and screenshots:

At the Gate - ULTRA (average FPS 21-23)

At the Gate - LOW (average FPS 31-33)

Panoramic - ULTRA (average FPS 20-21)

Panoramic - LOW (average FPS 35-42)

My PC specs are:

  • AMD Ryzen 5 5600X
  • MSI RTX 3060 Gaming X Trio LHR
  • 16GB RAM @ 1600 MHz
  • Resolution 3440 x 1440

Any ideas what to tweak

If you haven’t already the big one would be PBO undervolting for your 5600X, use a per core CCX (negative) curve. If you have decent cooling for an extra boost you can enable game mode in Ryzen Master afterwards.

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I’m not so familiar with undervolting, but that was a very nice suggestion! I tried undervolting all cores by -30 and then did a couple of test runs on the sim. The reason I went for all cores is, as I said, that I’m not so familiar with the process so not so sure what value to give each core.

While the performance gain is definitely there (~ 6-8 fps), after a few minutes I get a message that the CPU is overheating and then the PC restarts. I’m not 100% sure of the temperature the time of the restart but I think it’s around 80°C. Note that I haven’t activated game mode in Ryzen Master.

Yep you need a better cooler although really your temps shouldn’t be any worse than before … something rated for around 180w should be enough. An all core -30 undervolt is the dream but don’t be suprised if it has it’s moments or crashes your system, it may not be too stable.

Thermaltake Tough-Air 510 (dual fan)

I don’t usually like to recommend stuff but this is quiet for the job it does and it’s cost. And also good enough for a 5800X3D should you want to upgrade.

Not sure if that’s a typing error or not but that seems like a very low Ram speed, did you mean 3600MHz? The AMD CPU’s can gain a fair bit from using fast Ram. I would also recommend 32GB for MSFS.

It will be rated 3200MHz but as with all ddr memory the actual frequency will be half of that

Ah, yeah forgot about that, 3200 is fairly decent.

Your problem is also linked to your resolution “limited by gpu” 3440x1440 is a bit of a stretch for a 3060. You may wanna consider using DLSS otherwise lower your render scale to 80. Don’t use Ultra settings.

You probably have the option to upgrade to a 5800X3D which should do better with Fenix since it’s cpu intensive.

Don’t underestimate the rtx3060 but yes DLSS (quality) is probably his best solution. I would keep everything ultra however in heavy scenery/weather setting clouds to high should be enough to stay above 30fps. Ok my gpu is overclocked but I get these kind of numbers using a 2880x1620 resolution and DLSS+DLAA.

I’ve tried DLSS before but the screens of Fenix were a little blurry and not so readable, so I decided to switch back to TAA. Note that my normal settings are not Ultra but rather a mixture which gives me a performance of around 25-27 and a visual quality.

Thank you all for your answers and your help! I will continue to expertiment with PBO but I think eventually I will have to upgrade to a better CPU.

Hi, did you manage to solve this problem somehow?
I also have an RTX 3060 and so far I have been using a ryzen 5 5600. I have upgraded to a Ryzen 7 5800X3D, but FPS are still low (20-30 on average) + stuttering occasionally.
I will be glad for information what helped you…
As you write - DLSS is not visually pretty

I have no idea what this is but I have a 7800X3D with a 4090 and having similar issues (although not as bad) I’m just pretty sure I’m NOT getting the best performance out of my rig and don’t know where to start “tweaking”. Could it be my CPU ???

Hi, I’ve upgraded to a 5800X3D which gave me some boost, but nothing too impressive. I’m also using some lower values for various settings like trees, buildings e.t.c but I’m still getting around 20-30 FPS depending on factors like the scenery, weather etc. Stuttering still occurs but not so often compared to my previous setup. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to increase the performance much without sacrificing some of the quality. In addition, sometimes the ground textures are blurry and terrain like mountains appears too “smooth”. I’m still experimenting every now and then but with no solid results so far…