Performance Issues

Hey Folks,

It´s really a beautifull game but the Performance is terrible. I get like 10 FPS in the Menu and 5 FPS in the game itself. Doesn´t matter if I play on Ultra or Low there a no changes at all. I know my CPU is not the newest but at least I should play the game on low or medium.

Any suggestions ?

Intel Core I5 4690K
Nvidia Geforce RTX 2060 Super
16GB Ram DDR
500 GB SSD

10fps in menu??? Something is wrong with your pc. I had something like this with DCS and found out my cpu was only at 800mhz cos of heat back in the days. Check your cpu temp

Are other games running normal?

Pretty much ran into the same issue you’re having.
i5 6600K
RTX 2070
Playing on 1080p

Performance has been inconsistent for me: the menu would be having triple digit fps at times… but other times it dips to 10 fps due to CPU bottleneck.

I also tried doing the first 3 training courses of which was a similar case: 1st try on lesson 1, I would get an average of 40 fps (graphic settings didn’t seem to matter as I was switching between low, medium and high), but 2nd try on the same lesson I got 10-15 fps. Lesson 2 was mostly smooth had encountered little issues. Lesson 3, 1st attempt, had around 5-10 fps, while my 2nd attempt had 30-35 fps. Meanwhile, when I tried out the weekly challenge, my graphic preset was on high, and I experienced an average fps of 30-40.

I’m not entirely sure what is going on. And although I can’t confirm/take completely seriously what other people are experiencing, I’ve seen comments where people with slightly lower specs (or similar) than I are experiencing smoother frame rates at higher settings on 1080p…

Everthing is fine and other games running normal

Sound also wierd

I’ve got serius performance issues as well. Did not encounter any performance related issues during the alpha (did not participate in beta because I uninstalled and waited for release). During alfa I had one game crash which I reported, but other than that it was smooth as a hot knife in butter. In the alpha I had all settings to ULTRA.

During the initial testing of the release build yesterday (after several downloads of fixes and the content I had payed for), I tried to fly the X-Cub from one grass airfield to another. Some stuttering while landing, so I adjusted the graphical settings down to HIGH.

Then I tried the premium deluxe private jet. First of all I had massive stuttering during the start animations (the ones where the camera fly around the airport). After getting into the plane on the runway, the stuttering was gone. Did a 30 minute flight that went from daylight to darkness, and the stuttering while landing affected me so much that I was in the air and the next frame I was dead because I had crashed into something on the runway (I guess a hard landing).

Is this because of slow downloading of scenery, or is it something that went wrong regarding performance from the alpha to release?

RTX 2070

I got massive performance issues in high density areas and on all planes bigger then a Citation. On the ground lots of stutter/freeze. Even stutters during the area preview. Way better in the air. On the other hand flying small props works absolutely fine.

GTX 1050

Thought about upgrading my RAM to 16GB.

Same performances issues, sometimes i have 80 fps, but sometimes the game won’t work well and I have between 10 and 5 fps.

I noticed a weird behaviour of the fps when connecting simconnect third party programs.

i7 8086k
gtx 2060

I’m also experiencing this issue. Sometimes in the menu the sim uses about 45% of CPU and it’s at 10 fps. No problems in-game though.