Performance limited by something unusual

Hey Peeps,

I upgraded my PC for mainly FS2020 but since i received all components it has not been performing well on some specific games including FS2020. Some other games play just fine and even benchmarks run fine aswell showing it is working correctly somehow.

So my GPU Usage is about 50% with render scaling at 100 and at 150 it’s running at 80% this does make the game look better at 150% and it does this at no fps loss. my CPU in the meantime is running at about 25-30% never more and barely getting used. glass cockpit is on low.
I have made some screenshots to show stats on pc during testing. Please see for yourself and hopefully you guys can help me out whats the bottleneck.

As you can see on the images below you see with each setting ultra/high/med/low presets default settings. Resolution on 1440P fullscreen Vsync off. Glass cockpit on low aswell. render scaling is 100 on ultra and high and i believe 60-70 on med/low it was not higher then 100 render scaling. i just selected the presets no manual changes.
For comparison reasons my old PC was running the high setting with 100 render scaling on this same exact place at same time. Also MP is disabled/traffic at airport is fully disabled. no live weather/also disabled live/ai airtraffic its on disabled.

Also something weird. On this new build OCing my CPU does not help a single thing Except in benchmarks but not in gaming. My old pc always showed a couple of FPS increases. I dont see Any.

Ultra preset

High preset

Medium preset

Low preset

New System Specs:
Win 10 x64 2004
32GB Ram DDR4 Vengeance LPX 3000Mhz (Running at 3333Mhz)
Intel i7 10700K @5.0Ghz
EVGA RTX 3080 FTW3 Ultra
MSI MEG Z490 Unify

Old System specs:
Win 10 x64 2004
32GB Ram DDR4 Vengeance LPX 3000Mhz (Running at 3000Mhz)
Intel i7700k @4.7Ghz

Limited by mainthread? That’s not unusual at all.

There is a process that that ties all the other processes together, and keeps them in sync. That’s the main process. It can only run on a single thread (hence, the ‘main thread’). So it doesn’t matter how many cores/threads your CPU has, this single main thread will always be the limiting factor. Heck, my Ryzen 5 3600 only runs on 25-30% of its full capacity too, since the main thread only runs on 1 of the 12 available threads.

If you want to get more out of your RTX3080, you can increase resolution etc.

If you’re running on 1080p or 1440p, the RTX3080 is just complete overkill.

Regarding your overclocks; it should make a small difference, but only as much as it can affect that main thread.

All - very long narrative on this Main Thread Topic, search for it. Also one fellow found out Windows Defender shows real bottle neck when game is running, as it checks all incoming “cache data downloads”. He did something in WD and allows it to have free reign and not WD checks, said it really improved loading and playing of it. Not that brave yet. Could assumed create virtual disk, for only MSFS, and have all cache calls/data go to that, if anything malicious came in, it would be contained there, again, not going to do that either. Windows 10 event viewer shows some error when checking this AM, not sure how to interpret the data, so just cleared EV and will watch for it again. No CTD’s since latest patch period. Also could load game into special SSD Drive via USB 3.1 port and run it from there, considered that, nope again another bottleneck in the connection. FWIW - Temps in GPU are less than original release, and no stuttering period. Some issues with Logitech 3D Pro, but it’s old, so problems in it are hardware related, waiting for throttle quadrant and control yoke, don’t want new JS. Again other areas of concern in game, to many to relate here.