Performance Radeon RX 580

So these are my specs;

Intel 8700k
32GB Memory
Radeon RX 580

What are the average FPS should be?
I get around 25 with a cesna and about 20 in a a320.

Anyone with about the same specs as me who can tell what’s your performance? Or maybe the right settings.

oh ye and in the developer mode it says “limited by GPU” btw


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i have the same card i get 20 fps for on runway and about 40 to 60 fps in flight and ive got 32 lpx ram running at 300mhz my rendering system were preset to high end medium didint seem to do much

new drivers here never made a diffrence to me

my cpu is amd 2600 well above specs

Ye ive got the newest drivers, just stuck at 25 fps max.

i thought it was data at first so i desconnected from the internet going up and down in a plane or left to right seems to cause stutter i do get it it seem ok yesterday maybe i never noticed it

RX 480 8gb which is similar but a bit older with high settings I get 25-35 FPS.

so my performance should be at least what you have, wonder whats wrong.

I have the RX580 with Ryzen 5 2600 and 24Gib memory. The RX580 has a mild o’clk with AMD Adrenalin 2020 driver software. Set up to all medium defaults with exception of clouds set to high. Flying over moderately busy cities, above 1000’ AGL I run 40-60 fps with little to no stuttering. RTO KLAX I get something close to 20-30 FPS. These are only averages flying the Cessna 172 and Baron 58. Baron may be slightly less because of both of those props whining. Last evening, on one particular boot up, my FPS dropped to 5-10 fps no matter whether at 25000 ft or 5 ft AGL! A close-out and reboot to flight brought things back to normal. It seems that some boot-ups have stinky fps, but most have very reasonable fps for what I have. Developer mode also shows fps “limited by GPU”. This makes sense because I’ve never seen my CPU workload get over 40%, while GPU is always maxed at 100% while the GPU fans are maxed out. Heat coming out of the desktop coolers is waaaay hotter than FSX, my usual sim, but that sim was CPU intensive while FS20 is opposite. While I’m here, the thing that really creeps me out is how shakey the planes are at low altitude. I’ve never experienced flight jittering like this in either a real GA aircraft nor FSX. Wind is set to zero. I sure hope they get this jittering worked out soon. Seems like I’m flying in the wash of a 747. :slight_smile:

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thanks for confurming what i thought my setup isint the best nor the worst but it sable one second ano not the next it seems to me as it if its the game as the fps counter is not confirming any fps drops
fps drops seem to happen when loading in the map when flying as if loading what it needs instead of jusl loading that pilus whats ahead of you

think it the bush trail thats the worst yellow plane one (cant rember the name)

thank god i never boughtt and just used gamepass ill just cancel it untill its fixed

that ones the worst

You see, I’m sticking it out because as I learn the nature of FS20 and tweak things, that is exciting for me. Kinda like getting a screwed-up lawnmower, doing some research, wrenching on it, and then watching it hum along like a new one. Also, the MS updates will be exciting to watch as far as improvements are concerned. Hope you stick it out. It really is a fine sim. I find I’m enjoying many relaxing hours flying and tweaking. Much to explore, simwise.

just nice to know im not going nuts its the game thats at fault not the setup

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What’s your monitor size? I had this same graphics card and 4k monitor and could only get > 20 fps on low settings, and even then it would drop below in built up areas. I’ve since upgraded to an rx 5700xt and happily playing at medium with over 30 fps, and high-end settings can get 30->50 fps in rural areas.

It runs much better on my old 1440p freesync monitor. You could try dropping your res. settings in the FS2020 menus, it messes up the look of the menus but the scenery still looks good and you’ll get a significant bump in fps.

27 144HZ montor at 1080p

we’ll see what the update brings

Good, don’t get a 4k monitor with that card. I’m only stuck with one at the moment to due to the covid lockdown (long story), can’t wait to get my old 1440 one back permanently.


Since start today i get on the Option Screen in background muck flicker. This appears also in flighttrainer and is not possiblel to run a lesson.
My system Ryzon 5 3600 and Radeon RX 580 with latest driver. Any idea?

Using a RX580 and Ryzen 5 3600 at 165Hz 1440p on latest drivers. Getting 30-50fps on High settings, mostly tested in tutorial missions and the California bush flying activity. Huge range in FPS but it runs smooth and is nice to look at.

I was getting much less fps, closer to 15-30, when I had Freesync turned ON. After switching it off (to resolve mild flickering in load screens) performance increased quite a bit.

Just made the decission to get a 2060 super ultra

i wish i could afford it lol

would and rx590 give me better performance