Performance test of KRNT airport on Xbox Series X

Xbox users, because I heard lot of people complaining about it and also because it’s on sales atm and also because this creator gives always amazing content, it’s time to settle KRNT airport scenery by Drzewiecki Design once and for all. You might be surprised by the results!


Not surprised by the A310 to be honest

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We need one of these for every scenery. :grin:

What test did you run, were these started C&D or did you just jump into the runway ready to go?

The A310 for instance can easily take 30-60 mins if manually programming a route and loading etc. During this time the sim could be consuming memory which triggers black screens or CTD before takeoff. Starting directly from runway may reduce this risk, but it’s not useful for people that want to fly airliner procedures.

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Yeah only direct at runway but that’s a very good point! I’ll make sure to do a couple of c&d next time! Thx :+1:t3:

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