Persistent trees on airport - can't remove. Help please?

Hi all. Does anyone have any info on this issue? I am building a 3rd party Large Airport and I can get my custom ground textures to replace bing map aerials. I can exclude buildings. I can even add custom models but suddenly (somewhere between 0.6 and 0.7SDK), can not remove trees using the vegetation scaling / density sliders.
I have increased the priority of the polygon to 200 but still the trees stay put. This is driving me nuts.

The only other change I have made apart from the mandatory updates is to install the beta of navigraph charts for msfs.


you have to make a Polygon with Properties Vegetation slide to “0”

That is how I do it but it is not working at all for me now. I can terraform and exclude buildings in the area. I can even make water poly’s or exclude water from the area but the trees will not go away.

Turns out that removing the Navigraph folder from my community folder fixed my problem. ?? not sure why but I could recreate the issues by putting it back and then removing it allowed me to work again.

I have exactly the same issue. I have also tried removing Navigraph folder and still not successful
I´ve also cleared the cache.
The funniest part of this, is that I compile the scenery, I give it to another friend, and in that case the trees/vegetation does not appear.
I´m becoming mad also with this issue.
@guvog, Did you find any solution?

I can’t get rid of the photogrammetry vegetation either. I created the polygon, assigned to exclude all on it, and added “Vegetation” checkbox. Scene is working as I have all my custom made buildings loading in just fine, but the photogrammetry trees do not go away.
They are removed in the project, but after exporting and just flying the game, the photogrammetry data is still there.

Any ideas what I am doing wrong?

hi sorry, didn’t find a solution for now

I resolved it @guvog.
I had to delete these two files: DevMode.XML and imgui.ini
Next time that MSFS opens, these files are regenerated if they don´t exist and it worked fine. Just in case do a copy as I found the answer in other thread.

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Perfect, thank you.

I have a somehow similar issue with my scenery. I can’t override the Biome or Vegetation. I see the changes in Dev Mode but once compiled and installed in Community, only the default Vegetations appears.

I will try to move away the suggested files (DevMode.XML and imgui.ini)

Edit: I submitted a Zendesk ticket about it. I think it’s related to this airport area only.

Im trying to remove some trees and no luck at all, how you make them dissapear in DEV MODE ?

In my case, I could not find a way to fix or override the biomes and trees at my airport.

I believe these are the same glitches as not being able to exclude default assets at specific areas…

It seems at some airports or small areas of the world the procedural/data driven assets are sticky (i.e: default autogen) and can’t be overridden or removed…

The Zendesk ticket I sent back in Feb did no seem to have been addressed as the issue is still there.

So I presume it’s not on the priority list since they have a lot of other things to do and fix.

You could try filling a polygon to the max with vegetation first and then reducing it to zero.

I noticed a few times that it didn’t work unless I did that.


Thank you so much for this solution, it works for me. I’m so happy now. This morning I did some searches on this forum and found another thread where guys were very frustrated about this issue and no one found a solution. If I find it back, I’ll give them your trick.

André Vaillancourt

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