PF3 instead of MSFS

Anybody using PF3 instead of Msfs? Is it worth $50.00 bucks? Looks complicated. Does it effect the good old community folder or sim-connect crashes using the Fsuipc.

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Im using Pilot2ATC. It works good and is really great compared to the default ATC. It uses FSUIPC and I haven’t noticed any crashes. PF3 looks like a Windows XP application in my opinion. Haven’t really used PF3 though.

PF3 is a great application, worth the money. There are video’s about it and reviews. but do you actually know what you are looking for? You can use a trial version

P3D has much more stable aircrafts and better for IFR flying. I use Orbx True Earth for the western state. Active Sky P3D is amazing. You need to use FSUIPC 6. I use pilotedge when I want to use ATC. There is also VAT sim. The scenery is not a lot different once you are above 10000 feet. I use that as my primary sim right now.

MSFS 2020 is completely different that P3D or. Xplane and comparing the two really makes no sense. 2020 has much better scenery and the roads and mountains look very well. The buildings are not the best considering the technology used but I expect this to change. 2020 covers the world so no addon scenery is needed. The weather has a few issues but I expect that to be fixed. 2020 is almost a year old, thats it. So I do see it to be a great sim someday it uses fsuipc 7 but you don’t really need it in either sim.

It depends on what kind of flying you want to do. I use 2020 for low VFR flying with just the DA 40. Good flying aircraft is important for my because I fly IFR so I use P3D. I will add that the new P3D 5.2 hot fix 1 is amazing.

Hopefully that helps

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I maybe wrong but I think the OP is referring to PF3 ATC add on, think you may have your wires crossed. This thread has nothing todo with P3D sim. However I use both PF3 and pilot2atc, both are good products but have their faulfts. PF3 with Sid and stars and time consuming but so many ATC voices. Pilot2ATC doesnt recognise traffic on ground or when landing…only from my experience

Ok I might have misread the author post. For ATC I prefer to talk to a real person so never tried ATC in the sims

I just looked at the webpage for Pilot2Atc. Can I actually talk instead of typing what I want to do. If so I might try it. Pilotedge only covers
The western states

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Yes you can talk and ressponds but voices are very limited and very robotic, unless you pay extra for voices. It will designate you sid and stars…I use simbrief, it folloes speed restictions and altitudes assignments.

Thanks. I will check it out. Pilotedge is pretty amazing because everything really has to be done correctly. They get upset if you break the rules flying but excellent with helping a pilot out when airway is not busy

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It does recognize Ground and Airborne Traffic, but doesn’t communicate with it. Do you know if PF3 communicates with it? In Pilot2ATC you just won’t get a landing or take off clearance if there is traffic landing or standing on the the runway

Well said that man…agree 100%

Oh ok thanks, thanks for that PF3 does recognise traffic…such as no2 for Landing

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