PFD in the Airbus A318, A319 or A320

I pick the A320 neo aircraft, my Departing Airport, and which Runway I am taking off from. When the Sim starts and I am looking down the runway to take off, my PFD is not completely working. I thought when you picked the plane, the departure runway, that the plane would be ready for take off as far as the displays go. When I pick the other Airbus planes, IE: A318 and A319, the PFD is not working in them too. If I use the Boeing planes IE: B787 and B747 the PFD if working fine. Could someone please let me know what I am missing, Any Help would be Greatly Appreciated, Thx Thomas

Broken screens sounds like a Livery conflict. Given the aircraft you named other than the B7xxx and the A320 are third-party, this is most likely the case. Try removing the custom liveries associated with those planes.

Thx for the Help. I first deleted all the addon liveries and still had the same problem. I then deleted the A318 and A321 addon aircraft plus all of their liveries. SUCCESS… I now have an idea where the problem is. I will slowly try to isolate which aircraft or liveries in the A318 or A319 is causing the problem. Thanks again for the Help, Greatly Appreciated,

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