Phantom keypresses

Man oh man, FS 2020 is such a struggle!!

  1. Track IR keeps pausing en reseting itself continously. I have removed the TIR 5 software, re installed the software. Since Update 10, Track IR pauses and resets itself radomly in game.
  2. To make things worse: phantom keypresses. I have deleted FSUIPC and within FS 2020 I have deleted all created controler profiles. Within the Saitek software i have deleted all profiles.
  3. I have created new profiles with basis functions: Elevator, Aileron, Rudder, Brakes en throttle.

I choose the CJ4 at Rotterdam and as soon as im at the parking spot i hear a click and i see that my flaps were set 10 degrees…WITHOUT THOUCHING ANYTHING!
ATC windows opens automaticly, without thouching anything and the list goes on. Flaps randomly go full flaps, full retraction. ■■■ is happening??

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