(Philys Flight Tour) Part 1

Philys Flight Tour 1: Gold Country
Welcome to the first flight of Philys Flight Tour! In this section we will explore the El Dorado Hills of California. Why you might ask? The El Dorado Hills is an amazing place due to its history in the gold rush! Depending on what country your from, you might have learned about the gold rush of 1848. People from all around the world came to California after the land was donated from Mexico. Named after the first people who found the land, the Californios and their descendants, California has a history of gold. Worth more than silver, Gold is a very valuable resource, Therefore everyone rushed to the sierra to get even a small bit of the fine metal. That led to the gold rush of 1848 and that left the history that is still here today.

Flight Information:
Flight Time
11:00 AM Pacific Standard
2:00 PM EST
1:00 PM Central
Flight Time End
12:00 PM Pacific Standard
3:00PM EST
2:00 PM Central
Flight Plan
Will Be Provided At Event
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I hope to see you at the event!