Phoenix PHX

Any MSFS flyers in Arizona? Im looking to try Multiplayer.

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I fly out of Scottsdale … but use the commercial A320 with the FBW mod most of the time out of Sky Harbor. What aircraft do you use and what did you have in mind for a trip?

you should check out the community events section of the forums if you’re looking to join a multiplayer group.

or check out the calendar of events in that same section listed above.

another option is to join the MS official discord server to find a multiplayer game there:

i highly recommend everyone check out a multi player group flight at least once. some great fun with other sim pilots with some groups ending up with over 50+ pilots !

I don’t even know if multi-player is on. The buttons are dark. This msfs version does not work the same way like Fsx. I will try again tonight.

I found the on switch in settings. :grin:

My name is Bob G. Retired. Been simming since 1988. (no kidding) I used to live in N. Phoenix and flew out of Deer Valley, Glendale, Goodyear, Scottsdale many times. In previous sim versions I used to fly multiplayer and had a great time…with serious pilots that is. But I’m not sure how to hook up to multiplayer again. I can be reached at: