Photogrammetery, satelite imagery

Hi everyone!

Lately I feel like my PG/Bing data is of way less quality compared to before. But I genuinely don’t know if that really is true, or that I’ve become so used to this amazing quality that it feels ‘normal’ now haha!
I have attached a screenshot from my most recent flight (KLM). The other screenshot (easyJet) is from a 3 weeks ago. I think the diffirence is quite noticable.
The reason I created this topic is to see if it’s just me or that other people notice it aswell. I don’t know if I can class it as a bug before others will see the same. I would love to hear from everyone!

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Sorry! Noticed shortly after posting. Images are attached properly now.

In your second image, is that actually in a PG area? It also looks like a very low LOD setting. Buildings stop just a few miles away.

The easyJet flight is into Amsterdam, the KLM flight into Dublin. It’s only today I really noticed. Before my holiday (the easyJet flight) it looked better in my opinion. Will get more screenshots tomorrow.

Map link as provided by Baracus250 does not indicate Dublin as a PG city.

Thanks. A few weeks ago I did a flight out of Pula. This is what it looked like, in my opnion better.

Then again, it might just be my eyes that think it looks worse. I’ve become too used to MSFS maybe :smiley: . What setting should I change to make it look better? Maybe I can check if that improves it for me.

First of all, it might be a good idea to understand the difference between autogen buildings, and PG buildings.

There is a setting for autogen building quality, and PG quality is affected by what you have LOD set to, essentially setting how far away the best looking PG can be seen before it starts to degrade. If I have to zoom in to maximum detail to make out little pyramid structures that’s fine by me. If I can see them at a normal zoom level it’s not okay, and I need to bump my LOD up a bit.

Ok, thanks for all your help so far. Is ‘Buildings’ the one for the autogen quality? And OLOD for the PG?

Yes, on the first, TLOD for the second I think, though someone may correct me on that. If in doubt, set TLOD to maximum, then OLOD to minimum, then test. Switch them around, and see what difference it makes. You could leave your sim live paused mid flight I think so you see the exact same image.

I’ll give that a go and keep you updated. Thanks

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So I’ve loaded back in at Dublin. This is how it looks with Buildings set to Ultra. A lot better. No flat buildings. The first screenshot is buildings ultra, LOD’s normal (80-80 for me). 2nd one is TLOD max, OLOD to 10. 3rd one is switched (OLOD max).
So I think it’s just the buildings setting that mattered here. Weird cause I can’t recall changing my settings, but hey it’s better now. I’ll give it a full day of flying tomorrow!

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