Photogrammetry/Bind Data = On Results in infinite loading screen

I can’t pinpoint exactly when this started, if it was when the UK update released or if it coincided with the unscheduled downtime on the Xbox servers a couple of weeks ago.

In any case, since approximately that time, I have been unable to load a flight with photogrammetry enabled. The game launches fine, I can get to the world map and select a parking spot or runway, but when I click ‘Fly’ to start the flight the game goes to the load screen and just stays there forever. The bar will eventually fill up, and the tips text continues the rotation, but it never makes it to the flight – just an infinite load screen. I’ve also noted that memory usage continues to grow and the process is still utilizing both my CPU and network connection. Of note, no issues with live traffic as far as I can tell. Marketplace works fine, and the server list correctly shows the available servers and their pings.

If I go into the menu and disable the options for photogrammetry and 3D Bing data, everything loads fine, albeit without one of the defining features of MSFS.

Things I’ve tried:

  • Clearing community folder
  • Disabling all bandwidth and data restrictions
  • Confirmed MSFS was being allowed through the firewall
  • Completely removed my VPN software
  • Logging out of and back into Xbox live
  • Reinstalled the game – twice
  • Launching with a different Xbox live account
  • Cleared rolling cache
  • Disabled rolling cache
  • Confirmed Windows is up-to-date
  • Rolled back to December nVidia driver
  • Updated to the latest nVidia driver


  • Ryzen 3800x
  • nVidia GeForce 2060 SUPER
  • 64GB 3600mhz RAM
  • Samsung 970 Evo Plus M.2
  • 750 watt PSU

I’m at a loss here, I’ve done as much troubleshooting as I can think of and am stumped at this point.

Any ideas are greatly appreciated!

Zendesk ticket #: 96476

Correct, that’s what prompted the second reinstall in fact, I wanted to be sure I removed all traces of msfs so I did it a second time and manually made sure all the folders were gone.

Thanks for the response, though!

I’m also suffering from this issue from the same point as Lysdestic. I didn’t do EVERYTHING you did, but I did uninstall twice, the second time to ensure a complete reinstall requiring that 170 GB download. I actually can’t find the AppData/Roaming/ folder anymore!!!

Hi, I encountered the same problem recently, that is, as long as the Bing data turned on, after hitting fly button, there would be infinite loading time (even though the blue bar was completely filled). My network is not that fast but can nevertheless connect to Bing server for streaming data.

The solution to this problem for me is to change the non-Unicode character setting under
Windows settings → Time & Language → Region → “Additional date, time & regional settings” on the right side → Region → Administrative → Change system locale, and set it to English (mine was in other language before). Inside the Region Settings window, the “Beta: …” option must not be selected.

After the above setting change, I can correctly load after hitting fly button in one minute, with the in-game Bing data & photogrammetry settings on.

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Hi, thanks! I’ve already fixed this for myself back in March, but I think you are very much correct with your assessment. One of the things I did right before it started working again was removing a Chinese simplified language pack I had installed for a utility I use with NBA2k and went through all my regional settings and reset them. (They were all set to the correct region, barring the extra language pack, but I figured it was worth setting to a new location and back to my correct one for good measure.)

I had noticed via wireshark that the game was constantly trying and failing to contact an IP in asia, so that’s what led me to check my regional settings and try that, otherwise I would have thought it completely unrelated.

I relayed all my extensive troubleshooting on this issue to Asobo via Zendesk and gave them that info about what the ultimate solution was, but of course, no response was ever received nor did they ever publish a help article about it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Doesn’t bode well for the beta testing they are now offering if they go complete radio silence on Zendesk when they have a competent person giving them extensive troubleshooting on the ticket, but what can you do? It’s fixed for me and has been since I found this solution, but thanks for posting to this thread so others can see it too!