Photogrammetry missing + Bing 3D maps doesn't show cities on desktop app

Got my new PC and Flight Simulator last week! It’s been pretty good up until yesterday when the photogrammetry stopped working. I was flying over Tokyo and realized that there were patches where it wasn’t available. So I tried Washington DC next and realized that there’s no PG at all there.

Out of curiosity I went onto Bing Maps, and unless I don’t know how to use it properly, none of the 3d cities are showing. It’s all just flat. Is there some wider issue here?

Well, I just found out I have a Bing Maps to update but only because I went to Windows Store and clicked on it. Otherwise it said everything was up-to-date already. Just updating rolling cache so hopefully this works!

If Photogrammetry is not running, check Options-General-Data and make sure Data, Bing Maps Streaming and Photogrammetry are all ON. If they are cycle them OFF then ON. Verify at Main Menu that you are connected to a Live Server (Gamertag upper right). Exit sim and restart.

Escalation if none of those work is to start sim, Log off your Gamertag (which is your XBox for Windows account) and log back in.

The sim used Bing Maps, but is not identical to what is shown on Bing Maps for Windows. It’s a separate instance, which is why you’ll always find disparities in the data.

I did try all that you mentioned above and that didn’t work. Hopefully the Bing Maps update works!

Nope, appears to still be the same however after exploring further it seems it’s more the procedural buildings. For example in Japan, they are default buildings but with custom photogrammetry buildings in downtown Tokyo. I went onto content manager and it says procedural buildings are installed for each world update region, but they’re only around like 30kb each - is that correct??

France/Benelux procedural buildings - 65.220KiB
Japan- 491B
Nordic - 96.640KiB
UK - 55.570KiB
USA - 35.540KiB

You won’t get PG in DC, that’s just a sim thing because of the White House, Capitol, etc.

For Japan, go to the content manager and check if there are any updates available, particularly for Japan PG. I had the same issue and it turns out I had to update plenty of content.

Aha! So DC is supposed to look pretty generic then. That explains it. I am not sure how but I managed to get it all back again. I really wish this sim was a bit more straightforward to configure and troubleshoot

Correct, you can get some cool add ons for the area, however.

sorry stupid question. but how can i access the photogrammetry cities in bingmaps (and i do not mean inside msfs). cant find it on
i wanted to check out some cities if PG is available.

I believe you can only do it in the windows desktop app (not the website)

thanks. but i dont want to look at a map with the 3D cities within MSFS. i want to look at the 3D cities of bingmaps outside of MSFS. like you would do it within google-earth.

OK. Here you go. You have to have the maps app installed on Windows:


Then go to the top right and click on the …:


Click on 3D Cities and then you’ll be presented it on the left of the screen:

Make sense?

See above. Forgot to tag you.