Photogrammetry of the Maltese Islands

Malta isn’t that big, but recently there was the World update which included Italy and Malta. I was hoping that Malta would get photogrammetry but it did not turn out to be the case.

I agree, the Malta part of the update was very poor. Didn’t model Valetta or any of the things considered as landmarks. Wasted opportunity IMO, such a lovely island and a place I’ve been to many times so I was very disappointed.


actually. any single island on the planet. it is part of the earth. what can be created with highest detail possible at equal current fps games. i’m not kidding. it’s way to create best scenery ever. even not pg but high detailed custom sceneries without pull system to the hell. like it does with megapolises. if you look at the globe there not so much territory of islands. and i think obvious way - is create something like all earth islands scenery. yes it can take some space. but look on the calendar. we can handle it in the 2022-2023. right?

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I was disappointed with Malta when I visited it during my southern Europe tour earlier this year. Not really worthwhile flying to the place

I didn’t understand what you are writing, can you explain a bit differently?

simple. islands terrain and all objects with them much easier to rendering than big squares. so it’s would be cool if all islands will reworked as custom sceneries. that’s ok?

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Indeed, Mauritius is also poorly represented. Heaps of tiles are replaced by “Norman boccages” by default.

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An island or not, first the data has to be there for MS/Asobo to source. And even if it was to be commisioned there is still a hell of a lot of processing that needs to be done before ithe PG eventually hits our screens.