Photogrammetry on Vs off

Photogrammetry on everything looks lumpy and melted

Photogrammetry Off

Not sure if this is a common issue but trying to figure out why game looks better without Photogrammetry off then on…seems a little backwards

I9 9900k Oced to 5.0
Gskill 3600 32gig
1tb nvme samsung evo 970
Evga 2070 Sc

No scenery mods

Welcome to photogrammetry. That’s just how it is. You can pick between a melted and smudgy version of real life, or a clean and crisp generic world that isn’t real. I like to do the former, and then just not get that close to it.


See this link:

Some people have issues with it because it doesn’t look great close up or that it doesn’t load correctly. Personally I have no problem - it’s a flight sim, and photogrammetry is designed to be seen from above and from at least a reasonable distance. Try comparing NY with it on and off and you’ll see the difference it makes. Anyway, you can just turn it off if you don’t like it.


Photogrammetry looks great at the right distance. Too far and it’s all crude and pointy, too close and it’s a mess. Not all PG areas are the same, far from it. London has the highest resolution detail, but also the most noise. Amsterdam and Paris, most recent additions, are higher detail than the original ones, but less than London. The original data only has about one third the data density of London, but is much better optimized with far less noise.

PG looks great in small planes. Jets go too fast and too high to enjoy it. Helicopters go too low, too close to the scenery.

My comparison

Some examples across the world

Times Square

Hachiko Square

Dam square

Eiffel Tower

Los Angeles

San Francisco