Physics/speed Glitch. Asobo A320. After SU5


During a flight I’ve been noticing that the physics of the default a320 is off. From time to time the airspeed sporadically increases or decreases radically. (i.e more or less going from ~320kt to ~270kt in less than a second, and the other way around.) As the aircraft does this, the entire airframe jolts aggressively. This seemingly happens at complete random without any input while using the autopilot.

Additionally, the aircraft is struggling to climb past around FL290 and apart from the sporadic changes in airspeed the aircraft is also struggling to increase it’s airspeed.

Example: the airspeed jumps down from 320kts to 270kts. At this point the aircraft seemingly can’t increase its airspeed until it randomly some time later jumps back up to 320kts. All this while flying between FL270-FL290.

Video of one of the “jumps” in speed:
I would include it but my account is apparently too new to do so. :upside_down_face:
(sound is turned off due to background music and loud noises)

i7 6700
GTX 1070

Using a PS4 controller + M&KB

Same here.

It just doesn’t climb at all. it’s dreadful. With every update they bring back the errors and bugs that were supposedly rectified with previous updates. With real weather it just won’t reach mach 0.78. So probably the live weather is the culprit, as when I turned to clear skies or few clouds weather option, it behaved better.

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Already reported multiple times under bugs–weather section. The OAT is increasing with altitude and winds are messed up. In my opinion this game will never work well unless they stop with mandatory updates or enable revert to a previous build and be more flexible with 3rd party mods. Stock game is unplayable.

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Yes the live weather has a bug. Switch to weather preset, the plane will climb properly. Guess we need to wait until asobo fixes the live weather issue.

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sucks to hear that it’s due to the weather seeing how I often prefer playing with live players on, but thank you for pointing out where the issue is :slight_smile:

Did today’s update resolve this issue?