Piaggio/Focke-Wulf P.149D over the Alps

I treated myself to a new airplane today and it turned out to be awesome decision! There is just something about ATSimulations Piaggio/Focke-Wulf P.149D that makes it super-immersive. They way the cockpit looks, that robust old school charme. The way it wraps around you, catches the light, the view over the cowling and how the reflections look in the canopy. It’s just magical!

Flying over the alps in that aircraft (using the freeware DEM from flightsim.to and the 4 Season package by Bijanstudio) was some of the most immersive flying in MSFS yet. Amazing!

The screenshots don’t do it justice, but I’m going to show them anway. :wink:


Installed this beauty last night, together with a multiplayer friend.
We started the bird cold and dark ( after dropping our yaws while clicking each and every single lever, switch, button etc… so far, everything seems to function as IRL)
Next step was taxiing to the runway, lining up next to eachother, applied full brakes, revving up, release brakes and… took off in formation, just like we do in the Cap10.
Shortly after take-off, while climbing out to gain alt my friend yankt his stick in a spot where it hurts…and vannished into the blue above and behind me…
Answer: Mmmm, Just checking if it’s aerobatics capable… Well… yes, it is :joy:
Absolutely great plane imo… Wether you want to fly cross country or perform airshows, this italian hunk has it all

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Have fun!

In can case you don’t know yet. When you click on the little German flag on the left you can switch the cockpit labels to English. There is a little typo, though. “Parking break” instead of “brake”. :wink:

Good little aircraft. It got a lot of unfair criticism for not having modern glass cockpits and modern radios but that is not what it is meant for.

It performs really well at altitudes all the way up past 20,000 feet, does aerobatics well and is a pleasure to fly and land.

As a bonus you can slide the canopy back and fly open cockpit without it crashing back to the main menu.

Flying the P149 with canopy open:

That’s definitely a plus, not a negative. :wink:

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