Pico neo 3 link vs G2

Hello. Is there someone here who has experience with both headsets in MSFS. I’ve recently sold my g2 because i am fed up with wmr platform. From what i’ve read pico 3 brings a much better performance than g2. What i really want to know is if i’m going to be very dissapointed with picture quality / clarity in comparison to the G2? I almost bought it already but the store told me that i would be dissapointed in clarity. From what i can read on the web people don’t really agree with this but it has put me in doubt if i should buy it. Please advise. I’m using 3080ti so wireless headsets are not an option, i need display port.

I wouldn’t advise it… Lower res than Pico4 and Fresnel lenses again =(
Havent tried it but that doesn’t sound good to me. Even P4 seems less sharp than G2 to me overall, even though it has same res (P4 pancake lenses are better though).

Been hearing lots of positive things about the Quest Pro recently now that it’s gotten cheaper. Supposed to have best lenses ever and amazing clarity despite slightly lower res than the G2. If I didn’t already have the P4 as a stopgap/WMR vacation I’d probably be looking at it.

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It all comes down to dp. I can’t go wireless with 3080 ti. :confused:

Quest Pro is supposed to work well via link cable. But I guess it’s still compressing and that’s the issue

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Why? I am using a PICO 4 with a 3090 and my wifi 6 router. Works perfect over Wlan link (using Vietual Desktop, Ultra resolution in VD)

all the reviews and other users (who have G2 experience) say it’s more hardware demanding to run a pico4 than a G2. Do you have any experience with the G2?

No I do not have expirience with the G2. But since both headsets have the same resolution why shold one be harder to run than the other? Ok, one can argue, that for the PICO 4 you need to stream the data (aka encoding it) - but on modern graaphics cards this isdone in the hardware encoders which can run simultaniosly without any performance impact - they are decoupled from the actual rendering and physically a seperate hardware.

And a 3080ti isn’t that slower than a 3090, so I assumed the lack of performance can’t be the culprit.

it’s more complicated than that, but let’s just say…pico 4 over G2 is a viable choice only if you have a 4080/4090. Otherwise i wouldn’t even be considering the pico3. If you have a 3080ti/3090 you would get considerably better results with G2.

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