Pilatus pc6 throttle issues

Hi all, I’m enjoying the sim for the most part, but I have an issue with the pilatus porter pc6 on xbox series s. The throttle doesn’t work, I can see it moving in the copit but the aircraft just sits in idle!.
Was really looking forward to this aircraft, but can’t get it of the ground, just wondering if anyone else has experienced this.

No mine is working fine, no problems.

There is a fuel switch on the lower left in the cockpit, by the door. Flip it to the on position and give it a second to spool up. You should hear the engines rev up.

I discovered this by watching a stream by a PC player. They ran thru the checklist, which is missing from the Xbox version. A few pauses, and screen caps and voilà.

Hope this helps!


Ok I’ll give it a try!!.
Thanks :blush: