Pilot animations / poses


I know it’s just a small wish but I personally would like to see proper animations for our avatars at some point.

Right now the animations of the guys sitting in the vanilla cockpits are static and don’t belong to anything but sitting there idling around.

In aircraft.cfg that is defined as pilot_default_animation = "Idle1_PoseAirliner" on airliners and "Idle1_PosePropeller".

What I Imagine would be something tied to ATC (general communicating when ai should take the radios, getting cleared for arrival, requesting clearance for takeoff…) for the copilot and something tied to actions the user takes like extending the landing gear, setting TO/GA, extending or retracting flaps and such stuff.

Looking from the outside of these gorgeous 3D aircraft models and seeing these guys just sitting there makes it for me feel like flying an aircraft is sitting there starring around all the time :wink:

A bit more dynamic movement in the cockpit would just be cool to make it look like what it really is: Hard work and communication :slight_smile:

Would be good if the characters actually held the aircraft yoke/controls instead of just flying it with their minds and hands on lap lol.

I’m for it or at least add the ability to turn it on or off.


Its a nice idea and I did wonder if with the now delayed Top Gun expansion we might get new pilot animations to at least better suit fast jets. It would be nice to see more variation to the pilot avatars in general though. I love the ground crew animations you can use in the SDK when creating airport scenery.

You know what? I have always wanted pilots reaching up, and pressing random buttons when viewed from the outside.That would make for a much more realistic/immersive scene.

I am crying out loud so long now for similar things.
Let us have visible pilots inside the cockpit while on replay ! Making custom cameras like shoulder and glass stuck go pro,is awesome !

It would be beneficial if all camera modes would feature visible pilot hands and feet that were attached to controls surfaces (yokes, throttles, and pedals). This would add realism while flying, during replays, and for making videos.

This seems especially true for native MSFS aircraft in Cockpit view where pilots are often completely missing when custom camera views are created that are outside the cockpit.

See DCS for reference.

FS2Crew Animated First Officer for FBW A320 - YouTube