Pilot not stating the name of the airport at end of transmission in CTAF communication

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PC Specs:
2.60GHz i7-10750H
GeForce RTX 2070
1 TB SSD (half full)
Windows 10 Home 20H2
OS Build 19042.867

Cessna 172 G1000

Area of the World / Flight Plan:
New York metro area (no flight plan)

Airport (If applicable):
KLDJ, Linden, NJ, USA

Feedback/Bug Description:
When at an uncontrolled airport communicating on a CTAF (Common Traffic Advisory Frequency), the convention set forth by the FAA is that the pilot will state the name of the airport at both the beginning and the end of the transmission. (This is because sometimes the frequency may be shared by multiple airports, and they want to ensure that all pilots are aware of the intended airport for the communication.)

This is documented in the FAA’s official Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM) publication:
“Recommended self‐announce phraseologies: It should be noted that aircraft operating to or from another nearby airport may be making self‐announce broadcasts on the same UNICOM or MULTICOM frequency. To help identify one airport from another, the airport name should be spoken at the beginning and end of each self‐announce transmission.”

They give two example of sample communications:

  1. Strawn traffic, Apache Two Two Five Zulu, (position), (altitude), (descending) or entering downwind/base/final (as appropriate) runway one seven full stop, touch-and-go, Strawn.
  2. Strawn traffic Apache Two Two Five Zulu clear of runway one seven Strawn.
    Please see the screenshot showing that this is not being done in MSFS:

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Brunner CLS-E NG yoke
Brunner CLS-MK II rudder pedals
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