Pilot Plus - Bristol EGGD stutters and CTD

Pilot Plus realeased EGGD via ORBX. The airport loads fine but when panning around with TrackIR I get lots of stutters. Going back to the main menu of MSFS causes CTDs all the time. I already uninstalled and reinstalled the airport but without success.
This does only happen with Bristol, all other airports are okay.

Does someone have the same issues?

I don’t have trackIR but have flown in and out of the new Bristol today. Did you have the UK2000 version and if so, did you delete it and clear any cache? Even if you didn’t have the UK2000 version, did you clear any cache and restart your machine prior to using it?

Finally have you checked through the ORBX app that the files downloaded properly?


I have had one ctd during load to gate with Islander.
Deleted cache, deleted content.xml - blue bar finished loading and it froze needing ctl alt del to exit.

I did have UK2000 - but deleted that before installing anything.
Bought mine direct from Pilot Plus - logged this issue with them as well.
I do have TrackIR - but not got that far to see FPS issue.



27th - tried a couple more times - freezing after blue bar finishes still, tried load in from runway and I could hear engine but stuck on the loading screen. ctl alt del out.

Further combinations to get it to work. Nothing. Blue bar loads…engine sound starts but is tuck on loading screen.
Deleted cache, index, content…took everything out (payware and freeware, except store purchases) - tried with Cesna - it worked.
Then put back payware and tried Warrior and would not load.

Uninstalling Bristol - tried to get this to work all day and its just annoying me now. I have not had this issue with any other airport - eg loads, sound starts but the start screen does not disappear.

UPDATE - Newest update has fixed the issues for me. Looks brilliant as expected from Pilot Plus.
If you did have problems - might be worth deleting the scenery index and content file once you have installed the new version.

Fantastic scenery, but there are big FPS drops when viewing the terminals or when near or inside the terminals. I always make sure of a completely clean install with new addons, but some major optimization is going to be needed. No CTDs on my end, so far.