Pilot2ATC and PACX lose connection

Both Pilot2ATC and Pacx lose connection to MSFS after some time, (after one hour or so). I have the latest version of FSUIPC7. I use Windows 11.

Does anyone have the same problem? What to do…?

No issues with either for me on Windows 10 (not sure on FSUIPC version at the moment).

What version of Pilot2ATC are you running?

No issues here. I am running Windows 11 and use both Pilot2ATC and PACX.

I don’t use PACX but just yesterday I was enroute, about 1 hour into my flight and FSUIPC shut down for absolutely no apparent reason and therefore I lost connection with P2ATC and the sim. I managed to restart FSUIPC and eventually re-connect but the remainder of my flight was not synchronized with P2ATC even though I did re-file my flight plan.

I am a new user to P2ATC, maybe have 10 hours of flight time and this is the first time it has happened. I’m assuming latest version of both (freeware version of FSUIPC) and also running Windows 11.

I have tried both the last stable version and the latest beta-version of Pilot2ATC. The problem is still there.

I have the latest FSUIPC7 for MSFS. Do I also need Wide FS?

I believe FSUIPC is the problem since both Pilot2ATC and PACX lose connection at the same time.

It all worked just fine for several months, but the latest month has been problematic.

I don’t believe you do, I just use the free one that was available at the time.

Maybe uninstall FSUIPC and go with the version available through the P2ATC links?

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