Pilot2ATC and Voices question

Hi there, Which voices do you guys use the one’s from the operating system or from other sources? Any help is greatly appreciated. TIA

For free voices, Amazon Polly is pretty popular, however there are issues with it. Sometimes (more often then not) you have to restart the P2A client to get them to work. Once they work, you’re good and they don’t cut out.

It’s just a hassle sometimes to get it going.

There are paid services as well, I use Cereproc currently and run 13 different voices. They aren’t cheap but they work and sound great.

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Thanks for the info…:slight_smile:

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I inserted these voices for free using this YouTube video for instructions.


I use these as well and they are good enough for me. P2ATC is so buggy (for me) that spending any more money on it would be futile.

I use David, Linda, Mark and Zira mostly. Changing up the speed kind of gives you slightly different voices as well. Most of the foreign voices I did install (Catherine, Hazel, Ravi, James, Heera, Susan, George and Richard) but they are so thick with accent that I don’t use them much.

What issues do you have with P2A, and do you use the latest Beta?

Yes on the Beta ( Where do I start?

Constant drop outs. Must re-start if doing multiple flights. Wrong Taxi instructions. Multiple attempts to get take-off clearance and sometimes not at all. Terrible vectoring, and sometimes ATC just goes silent on approach and no amount of requests on my part will get a response. Telling me to climb when I’m on descent. Telling me there are altitude restrictions in place when my current Navigraph and Simbrief say otherwise. Traffic currently is not showing up (yet I see it all over LNM).

There’s more but those are the ones that come to mind. I rarely complete a flight that doesn’t have some problem.

Oh, and yes I’ve been on the avsim.com P2ATC support forums. Dave is fairly responsive to the complaints but he seems to always have an excuse for when things are not working. Like right now he’s blaming FSUIPC or MSFS for the traffic problem. I’ve been admonished there for voicing my frustration.

So I just landed at KLAS and as I’m taxiing into gate P2ATC tells me "Traffic on runway, execute the published missed approach blah, blah, blah…

I wish the in-sim ATC wasn’t such garbage but to have paid as much as I did for this 3rd party app that is so full of bugs and was never built for this sim anyway is just completely… exhausting. That’s all I can say.

Hmm, While I can say there are definitely some bugs, for the most part, I have not expirienced most of your issues.

Most issues can be resolved (if you haven’t already tried) by:

  • Use a really good microphone and go through the speech training with it.

  • I see you use Simbreif, import your plan into P2A and the sim (or load manually in the sim).

  • Start cold and dark

  • if you want to use sids and stars, setup P2A to issue them via ATC. You then manually set up in the sim, like in real life.

  • Get a clearance and Be Sure you get a response ‘readback correct…’ as well as radar contact from the other controllers.

The above has resolved most all my past issue’s.

Hope some of this helps.

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Ensure you have the latest FSUIPC. That tends to solve a lot of niggly issues. Not saying that’s the problem for sure, but this helps eliminate some issues.

Don’t know what could be causing that. I haven’t experienced this.

If you read the manual, it tells you how to correctly import scenery from MSFS into P2A. Once you do this, taxi instructions will be correct.

Typically this is due to not having done the FULL voice training and / or not using a good mic. However, if you have an odd accent (don’t know where you’re from), it could have issues understanding you.

I had that some time ago. It was fixed a couple of betas ago for me. Not sure why this would still be an issue for you.

Did you update the Navigraph data in P2A using the Navigraph FMS Data manager to sync up P2A with Navigraph / Simbrief?

This I’m currently seeing as well. It used to work. But it stopped a couple of versions ago. Not a big deal IMHO, but YMMV.

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I reported this to Dave last week, he asked which sim and is looking into it.

I haven’t flow much in the last couple of weeks of holiday due to spending all my time on my astrophotography, so not sure exactly when it stopped working for me. I don’t care much though. I track traffic on my Garmins, LNM and with my eyes, not in P2A. Even if that feature wasn’t there, I wouldn’t miss it. As long as the ATC knows where traffic is (and it does, as I still get proximity warnings, go-arounds, etc), have to wait for takeoff, etc, I’m good.

For me it’s working well. Last night I got told to hold for landing traffic and then to line up and wait. As you say, YMMV.

The issue is ai planes not showing up on the P2A map. It sees planes in game just fine and will get you to hold, go around, give you traffic advisories, etc.

That’s why I think this is practically a non-issue.