Pilot2ATC the plane does not appear on the flight plan

Hi there .
I have been discovering the Pilot2atc software for a few days, preparation of a fairly simple flight plan using the Navigraph help. On the other hand, when connecting to MSFS, my plane does not appear on the plot of the flight plan. in the top bar, I have the speed, the altitude, the mode and finally the transponder. I respected the installation manual, for the moment I do not use the ATC, I expect to master the flight plan. At the bottom of the application I have “simulator connected”. If you have any indication for me, thank you for your help. Cordially. jack

Bonjour à tous .
je découvre depuis quelques jours le logiciel Pilot2atc, préparation de plan de vol assez simple en utilisant l’aide Navigraph. Par contre lors de la connexion à MSFS, mon avion n’apparait pas sur le tracé du plan de vol. dans la barre du haut , j’ai bien la vitesse, l’altitude, le mode et enfin le transpondeur. j’ai respecté le manuel d’installation , pour l’instant je n’utilise pas l’ATC , j’attends de bien maitriser le plan de vol. Dans la bas de l’application j’ai bien “simulator connected”. Si vous avez une indication à me donner , merci de votre aide. Cordialement. jack

Have you pressed the yellow coloured plane icon at the bottom of the P2A screen?

You need to press this for the aircraft to show itself at its present location and to show it following the flight plan.

Just a thought :slightly_smiling_face:

Do you have FSUIPC installed?

Are you connected P2A to the sim?

Hi Kayembee370, thank a lot for your response! I saw this commande " the aircraft yellow hide aircraft marker" or the blue one , “show aircraft marker” , but unfortunately, I don’t have the silhouette of the small yellow plane that appears on the map, moreover the map remains fixed, I only have a red cross.
In the config menu, P2A setup if i have selected or deselected “enable hidden aircraft” the bottom aircraft fonction change by " center on aircraft "or "do not center on aircraft. my “pilot2atc” is 2021 v navigraph airac cycle 2012… regards. Jack

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Thank N347DT , Yes FSUIPC connects when launching MSFS. the version is 7.2.12 ! P2A it also connects to the simulator, I have the comment at the bottom of the screen “simulator connected” but the map remains static, and the aircraft does not appear. Regards .jack

I know I had this problem a long time ago and can’t find the fix in my notes. I see you have the latest version, you are connected, but I just can’t remember what I had to do to fix this issue.

To avoid the aggravation, why not get on the P2A forum and see what those folks say. Dave may even jump in to be able to give you a fix. He’s Very supportive.


Hi N347DT,
yesterday I went to the Avsim site where I found a comment from Dave on this type of failure, the conditions to be met to activate without restriction are:

  • Wrong version of XPUIPC
  • Weak internet signal
  • English language installed in window
  • Microphone installed
  • Valid call sign
  • Ignore batteries and avionics
  • Weather on NOAA
    In my case the microphone was not recognized by Window, I had to download a new driver, restart my pc, and yay, the tab turned green, and the text “grammar loaded” appears
    Thank sir for your assistance
    Have a nice sunday.jack
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